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Youflik is a social networking site based in India, launched in July 2012. The site was designed by 15-year-old Prithvi Raj S Amin from Mangalore, Karnataka, India.[1] The website is owned and operated by Youflik Social Net Connect Pvt Ltd and is based out of Bangalore. The Managing Director of the firm is Arjun Moraes, also from Mangalore. Pradeep Reddy is the Chief Operating Officer of the firm.[2] The website was developed while Prithvi was still attending high school at St Aloysius, Mangalore. The initial launch was followed by a Beta launch in October 2013. The first version of Youflik was developed within 2 months.[3] The site reported 300 visitors in its first 24 hours. It is the first Indian Social Networking Site,[no citations needed here] and currently has a user base of more than 16,000 unique users.[no citations needed here] The site deviates from common website structure of vertical scrolling by introducing horizontal scrolling.


The first version of the site went online in July 2012. A revamped beta version was released in October 2013.[4]

Website features

Youflik is a social networking site that allows users to create their own personal profile and use it to connect to the community online.[4] Features include:

  • Horizontal scrolling
  • Streetside, allowing users to get information about streetside shops.
  • Blood group finder, where users can request blood donation from other users. Blood donors can also notify prospective receivers directly when looking to donate blood.
  • Flik, a picture and video storing facility.
  • Insights, a page that maps the users' social connections.


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