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Musical artist

Young Paperboyz is a Nigerian hip-hop, R&B, and pop group composed of Mayor Boss (born 5 June 1986) and Della Ratta (born 27 October 1987) based in Europe. Young Paperboyz derived their stage name from friends while growing up back in 2007. They have recently achieved a large following on Facebook and other social media by posting and reposting internet memes.


Early life and career beginnings

Mayor Boss and Della Ratta were both born in Nigeria After graduating from senior high school and university in Nigeria, they later travel to Europe where they got their first taste for the music business. After recording their first demo in 2007 Young Paperboyz music started gaining recognition in Europe. Young Paperboyz began their full music career 2008 with their hit single "You Know" which was their first song to ever be played on local radio in Ukraine and they continued work with their 13-track debut album, Moving, which they put out in 2009.[1] In 2010 they dropped another single, 'Livin on the Edge' feat Quis from the 'Lavish Life Mixtape' which gained success all over the world. Later in the year, Young Paperboyz made their first Ukraine tour with Angeliya from city to city. The group did a freestyle to the song free madness by one of the Nigeria famous musician Terry G a.k.a. Gabriel Oche Amanyi earning them popularity in the Nigeria market of music. Due to a lot of requests from fans, finally on 23 August 2010 Paperboyz released the Mixtape with 21 tracks on it. Title (Paperboyz lavish life Mixtape). They also released the single; 'Live it Up' featuring Logan Chapman which became another hot track in Ukraine and parts of Europe. Young Paperboyz produces and markets their songs as an independent artist. They have worked with a couple of studios like Champion Studio film US, Hardx Soul Suiter Entertainment Nigeria, Sutbeat studio Germany, NDSL Ukraine, IRenaHouse Ukraine, and many more .[2]

In January 2011 Young Paperboyz got signed to Bandamusic label in which Young Paperboyz music will releases to be distributed through Universe Media Group[3]

2009: Moving

In mid-2009 Young Paperboyz released their debut album, Moving,[4] which spawned three singles: "Rozkachai", "Moving", and "You Know". The first single released from the album was Dancing Step [5] The second single is "You Know", The single made a Hot Shot Debut in the street of Ukraine, Nigeria & Germany getting much radio airplay since it debuted. While promoting the album, Young Paperboyz made guest appearances on multiple songs by other artists in UK, Germany, Ukraine US Nigeria and so on The whole album was made with slaviq music studio[6]

2010: Mixtapes and singles

in August 2010 Young Paperboyz released a mixtape titled "Young Paperboyz lavish life Mixtape"[7] which features a lot of act which was available for free legal download online. Despite no album release for the year, Young Paperboyz did many more single and appeared in numerous singles as a featured performer. also appeared on tracks from albums of Eyes Pe, albums of Mapro Makwa (Congo) and albums of XFINIC[8]

2012: Naija Boss Mixtape

Young Paperboyz announced the release of his next Mixtape Naija Boss, for January 2012, however it was confirmed on 11 November 2011 it has been pushed back for release to June 2012 because of their education studies and mayor boss of the Young Paperboyz was preparing for his graduation in May 2012. The pictures from the graduation was published on Thenigerianvoice, titled Mayor Boss of Young Paperboyz Graduates with a Masters[9][10]

On 5 February 2012 Young Paperboyz premiered two singles from their new Mixtape Naija Boss titled Smash The Club & Shake Am featuring RacenNext[11] rated the single 4.5 out of 5.[12]

Naija Boss features guest appearances by Nigeria rappers Lil Jojo, Sutfute, Jasi Caesar, Mr. Raw [of Faraw], T-Money, Asuzu, Olumyth, RacenNext, Mapro Makwa [Congo], NaNa [Ghanaian] Tofa [Ukrainian] along with singing vocals by Tustep, Maxim Novitskiy [Ukrainian], Mariana, Hardx, MKurgaev, Alex Martin female rappers M1ss MC & Qslimz. Production varies from Double Brothers DJ's, Sutbeat, Dj Nikita Noskow, Jacob Levan, TrimzBeatz, MavMonet and others. The mix-tape consists mostly of original material, and includes a remix of Meek Mill's "Im a Boss" and "Smash The Club" by Kardinal Offishall as bonus tracks. Naija Boss was released 25 August 2012. for free download on[13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23]

On 9 September 2012, it was made available on the iTunes Store,[24] Amazon,[25] Nokia Music, iHeartRadio,[26] Google Play,, Spotify[27] and Many More

2013: Naija Boss Techno Reloaded

In February 2013, Young Paperboyz made a public announcement on tour that they were recording a new album. which they made public on the 5 million girls video premiere[28] On 7 May 2013, it was announced that Young Paperboyz would be working with producer Sutflute on new music, presumably for their secord studio album. On 21 July 2013, Young Paperboyz announced via Twitter that they were working with singer Slim Burna on their new album.[29] On 25 July 2013, they fully announced that the album would be titled Naija Boss Techno Reloaded.. In an interview with Ukrainian Kyiv Magazine, Young Paperboyz confirmed that Ukrainian artist Maxim Novitskiy and Maryana Poltorak will appear on the album. In July 2013, it was announced that the album would be released on 15 September 2013.[30][31] However, on 14 September, a day before the set release date, the duo revealed that the album has been pushed back to the last day of the month, releasing a freestyle over Kid Ink's "Hell & Back" to hold fans over.[32] On 21 September 2013, the album cover and track list was released revealing[33] guest appearances on the album from Slim Burna, Sutflute, Maxim Novitskiy, Maryana Poltorak, Captonyx, Tyofa and [Dj Nikita Noskow].[34][35]

The music video was released for "Make Love, Hit It" on [VEVO].[36] On 10 August 2013, the album's second single "Party People"[37] On 23 August 2013, the music video was released for "Party People.[38]

On 30 September 2013, Young Paperboyz released their new electronic album "Naija Boss Techno Reloaded" that is now available on iTunes, Spinlet and other major digital retailers.[39] The album's songs are extremely catchy and hook listeners right away; you can dance to it all day. Young Paperboyz appears on Sutflute's album Survival of the fittest, as a featured artist on a song called "step on the mic".

2015–present: Life Of The Boys

On April 1, 2015, Young Paperboyz released third studio album Life Of The Boys [40] [41] The album was recorded during 2014 to 2015 and its production was handled by several producers, including Yaroslav Pidhaniuk, Kingsley Igbinovia (Sutbeat). The album features 9 tracks with guest appearances from Sutflute, M1ss Mc, JDam and Nasty Black.

Musical style

In an interview with Young Paperboyz said that their song is Hip-hop style and a little bit of pop so the people can dance to it, and sometime try to mix the Nigeria Afro hip-hop style to it so the Nigeria people and the world can feel their music

Collab songs with other singers

Young Paperboyz has appeared in numerous singles as a featured artist, including "God Pass Dem" by sutflute, "Malo lera Remix" by Eword, 'LET'S ROLL" by Evagreen, "Alone" by The Reaper, "TO D TOP" by sleek kings, "Go get it" by Evagreen, "summer time" by Angeliya, "Maloro Pe Ogbon" by Hardx, "Shaka ma" by RacenNext, "WE RE 9JA" by Eyepe, "NEVER LOSE" by XFINIC, Crazy For Love by Mapro Makwa (Congo) and Many more

Personal life

On Thursday 31 May 2012 Mayor Boss (of Young Paperboyz) received his Master's degree Certificate[9] in Pharmacy from Ternopil State Medical University Ukraine, launched himself into the class of Nigerian musicians like Banky W, rapper Naeto C and a few others in the bandwagon of Nigerian musicians with academic degrees Della Ratta graduated in 2012


Studio albums

Awards and nominations

  • Best UpComing African Act HIP HOP AWARD UKRAINE 2010 (Won)
  • Best Rapper HYP.E AWARDS 2011 Ukraine (Nominated)
  • Most Top Ten Hits on kissfm 2011 (Nominated)
  • Best Dance Single VIBE AWARD Ukraine 2010 (Nominated)


  • Live it up
  • One Day
  • Song For Japan
  • Flying"
  • What You Know"
  • I'M A Boss"
  • SMASH The Club
  • Cast
  • Dope


  • Make Love, Hit It feat. DJ Nikita Noskow
  • Livin on the Edge
  • Leave Me
  • Pop It Up 
  • 5 Million Girls


  • Life Philosophy
  • Scrabble


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