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Zeeshan "Zee" Hamid is a municipal politician in Milton, Ontario, in Canada. He was first elected in 2010 with 61.69% of votes[1] and re-elected again in 2014.


Prior to getting elected, Hamid had two active blogs on city building and parenting. His articles have been published in publications as diverse as Forbes[2] and the Canadian Family Magazine[3][4][5] . In 2010, as a citizen member of the Milton Transit Advisory Committee, he was recognized in the Milton Town Council for his community service and volunteer work.

Municipal politics

As a councillor, he has been vocal in raising the issue of Milton's fast growth[6][7]. Hamid is often the lowest spending councillor in Milton[8]. In 2016 he voted with the majority to shrink the size of the Milton Council[9]. He is one of the most vocal councillors in opposition to the CN Rail's proposal to build an intermodal in Milton in violation for local zoning[10].

In his new-Canadian-settlement and diversity work, Hamid organizes an yearly Open Doors Ramadan initiative where he encourages multi-faith Ramadan iftars[11]. After the Quebec City mosque shooting, Hamid co-organized a large remembrance vigil in the town hall[12].

Work with refugees

During the Syrian refugee crises Hamid raised over $100,000 in private donations to sponsor three Syrian families[13] and coordinated the settlement of 7 other Syrian families in Milton[14][15].

Other involvement

Hamid chaired the Milton Economic Development Advisory Committee from 2010-2014 and was a member of Milton Transit Advisory Committee from 2009-2014. He serves in the Milton Public Library Board[16] as a director and is a Director in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton[17].


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