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Template:Infobox video game character Zephyr is the main protagonist in the game Tornado Outbreak as an elemental the player controls Zephyr by using the control stick to morph Zephyr into a tornado. Only appearing in one of Loose cannon's games Zephyr was the most well known character as of Tornado Outbreak


Zephyr much like Katamari has the ability to destroy objects using a Tornado and Katamari using a ball while Zephyr cannot be in sunlight and Katamari needs to be big they are both similar and different


As early development of Zephyr Rise of the Elementals also know as Tornado Outbreak. zephyr was named Eddie and was an early blue and no pupils until 2009 when Eddies name was change to Zephyr


Zephyr is first introduced to the matter being Omegaton by Nimbus leader of the wind warriors and finding out that the wind Elementals cannot be in sunlight Causing The Wind Warriors use an uav protection device called the L.O.A.D. S.T.A.R.R. When Zephyr is shown these fire flyers Nimbus teaches the players how to grab fire flyers and Zephyr is told to grab fire flyers when a war began with the fire flyers one of the Fire Elemental attack and injured Nimbus causing Zephyr to be in charge then after this nimbus is gone and kidnapped by the fire flyers after This Zephyr and the wind warriors are attacked by the fire flyers and causing an earthquake after this Zephyr finds Nimbus's shoulder pads and finds that nimbus is gone when the wind warriors continue then Zephyr meets an odd being called the Stone Smasher and he teaches the player how to stone stomp after this some of the Wind Warriors were injured and killed in an Earthquake caused by the totams the fire flyers caused soon a wind warrior bumps into Zephyr causing him to drop the load starr after this Zephyr knows that he may die then Zephyr began to work on the load starr then possible fixing it Zephyr Then meets another creature called a water whirl and teaches the player how to dash after this Zephyr finds a cave made by the fire flyers and finds Nimbus pale and weak zephyr lifts up nimbus and carries him to safety then soon the wind elementals have another earthquake and Nimbus is seen screaming and then passed out. Zephyr finds out that Omegaton is evil and using the orbs that Zephyr has then burning Everything and Nimbus explains how the fire flyers began to help nimbus and keep him from dying and then Omegaton freezes the wind warriors causing Zephyr and Nimbus to team up with the Fire flyers and Omegaton is defeated and nimbus explains that the stone smasher and water whirls were lost on earth by Omegaton. If The player completed Tornado Outbreak 100% Zephyr will return home in space and now leader and Omegaton lies deceased if the player completes the game 50% Zephyr will have to collect all the stone and water elementals to return home and Omegaton now lies in space....


  • Zephyr's first name is Eddie but everyone calls him Zephyr.
  • He appears in the game and Comic but seen without a tail.
  • When Zephyr looks left and right he wipes his forehead.
  • Zephyr besides Nimbus and the Wind warriors and Omegaton

Is the only character to appear in the comic and game.

  • Zephyr has a dislike for clowns
  • There is a glitch where Zephyr will float
  • Zephyr has a temper seen later in the game
  • zephyr has a noodle body but in the comic he has a black legs.
  • Zephyr is left handed seen in the game by using his left hand.