Zineb Rachid

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Zineb Rachid
Native name زينب رشيد
Born Template:Birth year and age
Citizenship Morocco
Known for social media
Home town Casablanca

Zineb Rachid (Template:Lang-ar) is a Moroccan travel and lifestyle blogger, internet personality, content creator, and fashion influencer.[1][2][3] As of December 2019, the Instagram account tied to her blog, The Cherry Blossom, had over 137,000 followers.[4] Rachid has used her popularity to advocate for various causes, such as women's rights, the Arabic language, and breast cancer awareness.[5][6][7][8]


Rachid started her blog, The Cherry Blossom, April 2011.[9]

In 2017, she became the Moroccan face of Adidas's global #HeretoCreate ad campaign, before the launch of its flagship store in Casablanca.[10][11][12]

She appeared on the cover of February 2019 edition of Nissaa (نساء), the version of the Moroccan Ladies magazine printed in Arabic.[13]


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