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Original short description: "JavaScript Grid for displaying information"

Template:Coi ZingGrid is a software library for data grids, data tables and crud grids written in pure JavaScript as a Web Components, first released in 2018.

It was created by ZingSoft in San Diego, California. The library is a html semantic approach to rendering grids.


Thomas_Powell_(writer) is the lead architect of the product. The product was first demonstrated and thought up shortly after the creation of JavaScript charting library ZingChart in 2009. The need for viewing data as a visualization (chart) and as list information (grid) became very apparent shortly after talking to users.

Unlike many software products, it isn't developed at a well known tech location, such as Silicon Valley. The company is based in the smaller sister city of San Diego. While the company is based in San Diego, the product is used globally with users based in the US, India, China and South Korea.

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