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{{Infobox video game
|title = $100,000 Pyramid
|image = $100,000 Pyramid (cover).jpg
|caption = C64 Cover art
|developer =
|publisher = The Box Office, Inc
|director =
|producer =
|designer =
|programmer = Rick Hansen (C64) <br/> Mike Cooley (DOS)
|artist =
|writer =
|composer =
|engine =
|released = {{vgrelease|NA|1987}}
|genre = [[Game Show|Trivia]]
|modes = [[Multiplayer video game|Multiplayer]]
|platforms = [[DOS]] <small>(Original)</small>, [[Apple II]], [[Commodore 64]]
'''''$100,000 Pyramid''''' is a 1987 [[video game]] based on the US Game show with the same name. Developed and published by The Box Office, Inc. It was originally released for [[Apple II]] and then ported to the [[DOS]] and [[Commodore 64]].
The object is to reach the top of the pyramid by winning successive rounds. Each round you select a category from the pyramid, which will consist of a list of words that have something in common. One player tries to give the other player clues without writing the actual word.
==External links==
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*{{IMDb title|185049|name=$100,000 Pyramid}}
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