$5 Bits of Wooden Chair

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Template:Infobox college sports rivalry The $5 Bits of Wooden Chair is the unofficial traveling trophy for the American college football rivalry between the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team of the University of Minnesota and the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team of the University of Nebraska.


The $5 Bits of Wooden Chair trophy was created following a November 20, 2014 Twitter exchange between "Goldy Gopher", the mascot of the Minnesota team, and "Fake Bo Pelini", a backer of the Nebraska team. "Goldy" suggested a friendly wager on the outcome of the November 22, 2014 contest between the two teams. "Fake Bo Pelini" responded: "OK how about if we win you give me $5, if you win I get to smash a wooden chair over your back". "Goldy" shot back, "just as long as we can turn that $5 or bits of broken chair into a trophy for next year's game". Fans of the Gophers created the trophy, which the Gophers then retained by beating the Cornhuskers 28-24 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Game results

Nebraska victories are shaded ██ cream. Minnesota victories are shaded ██ maroon. Ties are white.

Date Site Winning team Losing team Series Notes
November 22, 2014 Lincoln, NE [[2014 Minnesota Golden Gophers football team|Template:Color]] 28 [[2014 Nebraska Cornhuskers football team|Template:Color]] 24 1-0