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{{Infobox single
| Name = (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man
| Cover = (Would_I_Still_Be)_Her_Big_Man.The_Brigands.JPEG.jpg|225px
| A-side = "(Would I Still Be) Her Big Man"
| B-side = "I'm a Patient Man"
| Artist = [[The Brigands (band)|The Brigands]]
| Released = 1966
| Format = [[7" single|45 rpm 7" single]]
| Recorded = 1966
| Genre = [[Garage rock]]
| Length = 2:20
| Label = [[Epic Records|Epic]]
| Writer = Artie Resnick and Kris Resnick
| Producer = Artie Resnick and Kris Resnick
| This single = "'''(Would I Still Be) Her Big Man"'''"<br/>(1966)
'''"(Would I Still Be) Her Big Man"''' is a song by [[the Brigands (band)|the Brigands]], an American [[garage rock]] band.<ref name="Unterberger (Brigands)">{{cite web|last1=Unterberger|first1=Richie|title=The Brigands|url=http://www.allmusic.com/artist/the-brigands-mn0000521735|website=AllMusic|publisher=AllMusic, a division of All Media Network, LLC.|accessdate=October 18, 2015}}</ref><ref name="Young (Brigands)">{{cite web|last1=Young|first1=Morgan|title=New York Spotlight: The Brigands - Would I Still Be Her Big Man?|url=http://ontheflip-side.blogspot.com/2011/09/song-of-week-brigands-would-i-still-be.html|website=On the Flip-side|publisher=On the Flip-side|accessdate=October 16, 2014|date=October 31, 2014}}</ref><ref name="A Bit Like You (Brigands)">{{cite web|title=The Brigands - (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man (1966)|url=http://abitlikeyouandme.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-brigands-would-i-still-be-her-big.html|website=A Bit Like You and Me|publisher=A Bit Like You and Me|accessdate=October 18, 2015|date=April 30, 2013}}</ref><ref name="Stax (Brigands)">Stax, Mike. ''Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968'' (4-Cd Box Set). "Optical Sound: The Technicolor Tales Behind the Various Nuggets" (track-by-track liner notes) - Pg. 76. Rhino Records. Rhino Entertainment. 1998. R2 75466</ref>  It appeared as the A-side of a [[Gramophone record|single]] recorded in New York City and released on [[Epic Records]], and was written and produced by Artie and Kris Resnick, who wrote the Rascals' "Good Lovin,'" and other popular hits of the time.<ref name="Unterberger (Brigands)"/><ref name="Young (Brigands)"/><ref name="A Bit Like You (Brigands)"/><ref name="Stax (Brigands)"/><ref name="Markesich (Big Man)">{{cite book|last1=Markesich|first1=Mike|title=Teen Beat Mayhem|date=2012|publisher=Priceless Info Press|location=Branford, Connecticut|isbn=978-0-9856482-5-1|page=70|edition=First}}</ref>  The song's lyrics depict the worries of a factory worker who spends his hard-earned money dressing up "wind and dine" his lover, a woman with expensive tastes, but wonders if she will still love him when she finds out that he is working class.<ref name="Young (Brigands)"/>  Little is known about the Brigands, but some have attributed their origins to Forest Hills, Long Island, New York.<ref name="A Bit Like You (Brigands)"/><ref name="Stax (Brigands)"/><ref name="Markesich (Big Man)"/>  Others have speculated that they were an ensemble of session musicians who recorded the song as a one-time act under the moniker "the Brigands."<ref name="Unterberger (Brigands)"/><ref name="Young (Brigands)"/><ref name="A Bit Like You (Brigands)"/><ref name="Stax (Brigands)"/>  The song has appeared on various compilations such as the ''[[Back from the Grave, Volume 2 (LP)|Back from the Grave, Volume 2]]'' LP, released in 1983 and the ''[[Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965–1968|Nuggets]]'' 4-CD box set released in 1998.<ref name="Unterberger (Brigands)"/><ref name="Stax (Brigands)"/>
*"(Would I Still Be) Her Big Man"  b/w "I'm a Patient Man" (Epic 10011, April 1966)<ref name="Markesich (Big Man)"/>
[[Category:1966 songs]]

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