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'''-wal''' is a suffix that forms part of many city names in Pakistan. The word is used to imply possession and is genderless.  The male version of the word is wala and the female version is wali.  Typically, the portion of the townname before "wal" is a name or a person or group (eg, sect, cast, etc) and the implication is that the town belongs to them.{{cn|date=September 2017}}
*[[Mudke Dhariwal]]
*[[Nainwal Khalsa]]
*[[Rajowal Nau]]
*[[Sahiwal, Sargodha|Sahiwal]]
*[[Tajwal Utli]]
*[[Tajwal Tarli]]
*[[Abbasian Wala]]
*[[Chanda Singh Wala]]
*[[Charat Singhwala]]
*[[Chathian Wala]]
*[[Gamoon wala]]
*[[Gulzar Khanwala]]
*[[Hari Singwala]]
*[[Kasan Wala]]
*[[Khaglan Wala]]
*[[Khan Muhammad Wala]]
*[[Ladha Singhwala]]
*[[Usman Wala]]
*[[Arjun Singhwali]]
*[[Khairpur Tamiwali]]
==See also==
*  {{intitle|wal }}
* [[-stan]]
* [[-abad]]
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[[Category:Geography of India]]

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