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This is a '''list of philosophy-related events in [[1073]]'''.
== Events ==
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== Publications ==
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== Births ==
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== Deaths ==
* [[Peter Damian]] (c. 1007-1072 or 1073)<ref>{{cite journal|last=Howe|first=John|title=Did St. Peter Damian Die in 1073 ? A New Perspective on his Final Days|journal=Analecta Bollandiana|date=June 2010|volume=128|issue=1|pages=67–86|url=http://www.kbr.be/~socboll/P-analecta2010.php|access-date=2017-09-28|archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20130106121635/http://www.kbr.be/~socboll/P-analecta2010.php|archive-date=2013-01-06|dead-url=yes|df=}}</ref>. [[Gregorian Reform|Reforming]] [[Order of Saint Benedict|Benedictine]] [[Christian monasticism|monk]] and [[cardinal (Catholicism)|cardinal]] in the circle of [[Pope Leo&nbsp;IX]]. A [[Doctor of the Church]] who often condemned [[philosophy]].
== References ==
[[Category:Medieval philosophy]]
[[Category:Years in philosophy]]

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