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| name                = 10 Ft. Ganja Plant
| origin              = [[Boston, Massachusetts]], U.S.
| background          = group_or_band
| genre              = [[Reggae]]<br />[[Dub music|Dub]]<br />[[Roots reggae]]
|Years_active        = 1999–present     
| label              = [[ROIR]]
| associated_acts    = [[John Brown's Body (band)|John Brown's Body]]<br /> [[Kevin Kinsella]]
'''10 Foot Ganja Plant''' (also stylized as 10 Ft. Ganja Plant) is a roots/dub Reggae group primarily based in upstate New York. It is a spinoff of the group John Brown's Body and is led by Craig Welsch. The group lineup currently shares no members with JBB, and often employs the assistance of many special guest artists.
10 Ft. Ganja Plant often places no personnel credits on any of their albums.<ref>{{Cite web|url=https://www.thepier.org/interview-10ft-ganja-plant/|title=Interview: 10Ft Ganja Plant « The Pier Magazine|last=Brandon Says|language=en-gb|access-date=2019-05-09}}</ref>{{Better source|date=May 2019}} Most of their music has a traditional reggae sound, but their musical styles vary.
During their tenure, the band has had 5 albums on Billboard's Reggae Albums chart.
*''10 ft. Ganja Plant 7"'' [I-Town, 1999]
*''Mang Studio All-Stars 7"'' [I-Town, 1999]
*''Presents'' [ROIR, 1999]
*''Hillside Airstrip'' [ROIR, 2001]
*''Midnight Landing'' [ROIR, 2003]
*''Bass Chalice'' [ROIR, 2005]
*''Presents'' (re-release of 1999 album with 2 bonus tracks) [ROIR, 2007]
*''Bush Rock'' [ROIR, 2009]
*''Essential 10 Ft Ganja Plant'' [ROIR, 2009]
*''10 Deadly Shots, Vol. 1'' [ROIR, 2010]
*''Shake Up The Place'' [ROIR, 2011]
*''10 Deadly Shots, Vol. II'' [ROIR, 2012]
* ''Skycatcher'' [ROIR, 2013]
*''10 Deadly Shots, Vol. III'' [ROIR, 2014]
==External links==
*[http://www.10ftganjaplant.com Official 10 Ft. Ganja Plant Website]
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