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1337 Gallery (also known as 1.337 Gallery) is a video game studio founded March 4, 2012 by Adam T. Ryder. The studio is specialized in creating games in Flash, and creating games with the Unity game engine. The studio also creates free wallpapers, and concept ideas that are free to download on their official website.[1]

The projects that are provided on the website are free to use and modify for commercial or promotional purposes, as stated on the website.[2]

Currently, the studio is trying to expand their projects to an Android audience, with the same idea in mind as with their other projects, on different platforms. All the Android projects are also free to use and modify for commercial or promotional purposes.

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An upcoming release for the game Soul Survivor is planned, co-developed by Lumodokate Studios, however, no official release date has been announced. The game is playable and downloadable on the official website of 1337 Gallery, and Lumodokate Studios as well.[3][4]


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Founded March 2012, the studio mainly focused on developing free games for PC and Mac, with attitional ports to Android devices. While some games have been displayed free on the official Desura website, most of the games were exclusively released on the website of 1337 Gallery, and free online game websites for Adobe Flash's release. No games had been officially distributed.

In 2013 the studio began developing a social media application, called Chet. Chet is a fully featured application that facilitates the creation and distribution of crochet patterns. This was the studio's first application release, but just like the games, no official distribution. Chet allows you to create your own custom stitch symbols and send them among your friends.[5] Soon more applications would follow.[6] Multiple products have since appeared on official and unofficial Unity websites.[7]

The indie game Soul Survivor was entered in the IndieDB and ModDB "Indie of the Year 2013" competition. However, it failed to reach the Top 100.[8]

February 2014 was announced that Lumodokate Studios would officially release the game Soul Survivor for PC and Mac. Following that announcement, a YouTube video regarding an announcement trailer for Soul Survivor on the official Lumodokate Studios' YouTube channel. The publisher for the Android version has not been announced.[9]



Remove balls from play by matching their color with the color of your currently loaded ball, displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Do this before time runs out.

You need to use the mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to fire. Levels will advance once all balls have been removed from play. There are bomb balls that explode, and there is a timer to make it more difficult. The game ends if the timer runs out before all balls have been removed from play or the amount of balls in play reaches 115.[10]

Space Rocks

Space Rocks is a 3D shooter that is inspired by Atari's Asteroids. You need to fly around space and destroy asteroids.[11]

Reaction: Block Buster

Block Buster is the first installment of the Reaction series. The game is created for relaxing enjoyment, and you need to destroy 3D blocks with a ball. The ball will be given back spin if it hits the pad on the back side while the pad is moving.[12]


You need to hunt to survive. Your only weapon is a bow with arrows. In order to survive, you can hunt on animals and other living elements in a 3D landscape.[13]


You need to destroy missiles to protect your fortress, by tapping or clicking on them on your touchscreen or mouse. Each wave will contain more missiles, and the difficulty improves.[14]


BDef is a tower defense strategy game in which you must defend your base from wave after wave of invading enemy bots. Plan your defense tower placement wisely so as to guide the enemy bots through a path that will ensure they spend as much time as possible within the effective ranges of your defensive towers.[15]

Soul Survivor

In Soul Survivor the enemy Saddies do not have a soul and they want to eat yours, use a loadout of logic bolts to defend yourself against their onslaught. Some Saddies will drop off power ups that can help you on your way, but be careful your ship will lose all power ups if hit or your soul taken if you are hit while wielding no power ups.[16]

List of released content

List of Video games

Year Title Publisher Platform
2012 Balls 1337 Gallery Unity Web Player
Space Rocks
Sovereign Windows, Mac
Reaction: Block Buster
DefenderWorks Android, Windows, Mac
2013 BDef Unity Web Player
2014 Soul Survivor Android, Windows, Mac, Adobe Flash

List of Application software

Year Title Publisher Platform
2013 Chet 1337 Gallery Windows, Mac, Linux
Reaction Windows, Mac
Contempoback Android
Happy Manager
2014 Dro-Ped