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Template:Infobox dotcom company is a British price comparison website for the ferry travel market.[1][2] In 2012, the service covered more than 1,200 routes from more than 80 operators across Europe.[3] The company was established by the Howe-Davies family in 2001.

Operations is owned and operated by The Travel Gateway Limited and is part of a family of ferry travel websites including the Ferrysavers brand.[4] The Travel Gateway is based in the village of Sutton Courtenay northwest of Didcot in Oxfordshire.

The Travel Gateway, founded in 2001, is part of a group of companies which exist under the banner of the 2morrow Group, formed in 2005. James Howe-Davies is group Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of the 2morrow Group and his younger brother Michael Howe-Davies is CEO of The Travel Gateway Limited.[5] The oldest company under the 2morrow Group umbrella is Entee Global Services which was founded in 1997. Entee Global Services develop online reservation system technology including WebRes which is a web-based technology providing real-time booking and inventory management for ferry, cruise ship, rail transport, bus, airline and hotel operators. Much of the technology behind is developed by Entee Global Services.[6]


In November 2010, was named Website of the week by the Daily Mail newspaper in an article written by travel writer Fred Mawer.[7] In May 2013, the iPhone variant of the mobile app 'Find a ferry - all ferries!' was named as The Sun newspaper’s Travel App of the Week.[8] The Travel Gateway has won the award of World’s Leading Ferry Website at the World Travel Awards three times, in the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. In addition, in the years 2012 and 2013, the company was also given the award of Europe’s Leading Ferry Website at the same awards.[9]

Guide Book Entries

AFerry is put forward as a travel resource in several guide books focused on Europe. These include books published by Lonely Planet,[10] Cadogan Guides,[11] Frommer's,[12][13] Bradt Travel Guides,[14] Rough Guides,[15] and those written by the travel writer Rick Steves.[16][17][18] AFerry is also mentioned in The Traveler's Web: An Extreme Searcher Guide to Travel Resources on the Internet.[19]


Fred Mawer of the Daily Mail noted several weaknesses in his full review of the website, these being mark-ups applied to some companies such as Eurotunnel, credit card charges and the quality of some maps.[7]


AFerry partner with Stena Line to allow the booking of select routes and operators on the Stena Line UK website which are not offered by Stena Line themselves.[20] also offers ferry booking services on the Travel Supermarket UK website, a sister site of the Money Supermarket website.[4]


Competitors offering a similar ferry price comparison service include Direct Ferries and


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