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Aggrotech, also known as Hellektro, surfaced in the mid 90's and got its final form as a genre in late 90's with bands like Flesh Field, Suicide Commando, Psyclon Nine, Aslan Faction & Wumpscut.

Even though the genre has strong influences from old school EBM, neo EBM and technofied genres like Hardstyle techno and Hardtrance - it is neither EBM, Industrial or Techno. Aggrotech has evolved to become its own genre - somewhere between EBM, Industrial Dance (IDM) and Hardtrance. Characteristic for the genre is technofied EBM bass-line, heavy straight drum-machine drums, lead synth sounds like different oscillator-sounds, distorted or growly vocals and some newer Aggrotech-bands are incorporating guitars (from metal-sounding guitars to softer rock-guitars).

Newer bands within the genre (from 2008 to present): Synapsyche, God Destruction, Parasite Of God