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Air Tycoon 2 or Air Tycoon Online 2 is an app based on a video game released in 2015. It is part of the Air Tycoon series, developed by Tradegame Lab. It features vivid three-dimensional graphics and is free to download in Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store, although you can enable in-app purchases to speed up game progress.


So-called channels (a game center containing different dates for players) are included in the game. It can display several menus, such as logo, company name, company nickname and airplane design. Once installed, the game will first ask you what channel you want to join. Once you choose a channel, the game lets you register your airline. Once successfully registered, the player acts as an airline manager, or CEO. If the player chooses to start the game in 1960 (the game's original start date), the chances of being higher in the game's company value leaderboard are greater. Though the planes at that time are cheap, they have a low flight range. The player can also start playing in more recent years to buy better, but more expensive planes. In this case, the chances of being higher on the leader-board however drop dramatically since most players already have higher values. Whatever year you choose to start, the game will always end in 2030. A player who lasts until this date receives rewards that they can transfer to the next game if they decide to continue. Doing this will transfer your reward to the next channel you join in. The progress from the previous channel however, will be lost.


The game has two basic currencies; coins and credits. Coins are the basic currency in the game and they can be used to purchase planes and other in-game items. They also let the player take over eliminated players' airlines. Credits are used to compensate for a lack of coins and can otherwise, be converted to coins. They can be used to purchase facilities in an airport. There are some instances that both currencies are used to purchase a single item, such as buying airports.

Elimination or Withdrawal

The game will eliminate a player if they do not log in or play the game for 7 consecutive days. Once eliminated, the player can choose another channel and start again. A player can also withdraw voluntarily to choose another channel and start again.


The game's basic units are the airplanes. Older planes have low flight range while the newer ones have more flight range. They appear and disappear as the game progresses. There are also planes that show up and do not disappear. One example is the Airbus A380 that appeared in-game in 2005 and never disappeared. Most aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing, Airbus, Antonov, Tupolev and McDonnell-Douglas appear in the game.


Routes can take off or land in airports which are located in a city in the game. A player can buy another airport if they have sufficient funds. The airports are named according to respective real-world airport names, such as Amsterdam's Airport Schiphol, or Charlotte's Charlotte Douglas International Airport.


Flaws have been noted in the game's three-dimensional graphics. For example, in viewing an airport, the nearer view seems to be unusually large and the farther view seems to be unusually small. Reportedly, some planes that don't even belong to an airline appear there.

Furthermore, due to being an online game, players can only play if their version is up to date.


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