Akshara - Naitik Singhania (Hina Khan & Karan Mehra)

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Hina Khan & Karan Mehra
File:Akshara Naitik Praying.png

Akshara - Naitik Singhania is the name of a Popular Indian Television Couple played by Hina Khan and Karan Mehra. The couple was highly appreciated and become the Most Ideal Couple for many couples who had faith in each other. The couple set a unique and a different trend for the married couples that how to be happy in a married life with your partner. Initially the couple was shown to be a very immature couple who always fight for other people but with the passage of the time the couple get to understand one another and today their name is togetherly pronounced due to their popularity. [1]


The Couple has won many awards as a Couple Award.

Star Parivaar Awards

  • 2009 - Fvaourite New Couple
  • 2011 - Hottest Couple

Indian Telly Awards

  • 2013 - Best Couple (Critics)

Zee Gold Awards

  • 2016 - Golden Couple of Indian Television

Garv Television Award

  • 2014 - Favourite Jodi
  • 2015 - Most Popular Couple
  • 2016 - Best Ongoing Couple