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                                                Alexander Hamilton Musical Song Narratives

                                                          HAMILTON  1757 - 1804
                                                                ACT  ONE

1. Alexander Hamilton - Mother left husband, a crime, she spent three months in jail. Could not legally marry Alexander’s Scottish father. Father unsuccessful and drank. Alexander worked at 14 as trader for Mother’s landlord. Mother(legally an unwed Mother) dies. Alexander (legally a bastard) given money to come to America from St. Croix.

2. Aaron Burr, Sir - 1776, NYC. Burr orphaned at 3, graduated Princeton at 16. Meets Hamilton and gives advice. John Laurens, from Charleston, SC. Burr and Laurens Lt. Colonels Revolutionary War. Hamilton and Laurens aides-de-camps to George Washington. Lafayette, 19 year old general from France fought with Burr,Hamilton and Laurens. Hercules Mulligan, tailor and Revolutionary spy, boarded Hamilton in NYC when Alexander attended Kings College.

3. My Shot - Hamilton boasts of his intellect and his desire to fight the British to gain freedom. Lafayette predicts French Revolution. Mulligan mentors others on Revolution’s necessity. All abolitionists. Wanted to “roll like Moses claim’n our promise land”. Throwing away one’s shot when dueling negated the reason for duel. Hamilton, et al, wanted meaningful lives by not throwing away their chance for greatness.

4. The Story of Tonight - Raising a glass for freedom. Predicted their children will read about them and their toast to America’s freedom.

5. The Schuyler Sisters - Daughters of Philip Schuyler, successful, rich, businessman. A general in Revolutionary War and a third generation of the Dutch family in America. Angelica, Eliza and Peggy enjoy coming to the greatest city in the world,NYC. Read Thomas Paine, wanted women to included in “all men are created equal”. Showing an interest in men, they were looking for a mind at work.

6. Farmers Refuted - Samuel Seabury, first American Episcopal bishop, devoted loyalist to King of England during Revolution. Arrested by patriots in November 1775. Hamilton debates, but Seabury does not buy into breaking away from the King.

7. You’ll Be Back - King reminds everyone that they will regret breaking away from England and in the end the colonies will return to a part to England. And by the way the King says “ I will send my army to remind you of my love for you”.

8. Right Hand Man - When British Admiral Howe blockaded American, Hamilton wants to command troops under George Washington to either die or gain glory fighting the Revolution. Washington tells how America is out gunned and out maned and needs someone to be his right hand man. Washington loses NYC. Burr volunteers and gives advice to turn the tide. Hamilton’s bravery when stealing British cannons and turning them on the enemy catches Washington’s eye. Generals Greene and Knox wanted Hamilton to serve under them. Hamilton questions whether or not serving on Washington’s staff would be “throwing away his shot”.

9. A Winter’s Ball - Hamilton becomes Washington’s alter ego. Hamilton and the men all are interested in the ladies, particularly the Schuyler sisters.

10. Helpless - Angelica makes a move on Hamilton, but Eliza’s and Alexander’s eyes make contact and Eliza falls head over heals in love with Hamilton. Alexander’s attraction is mutual. They correspond as the war goes on. Hamilton asks Eliza’s father for her hand. He obliges and asked Alexander to “stay true”. Hamilton tells Eliza he is not a man of means, all he has is his honor and brains.

11. Satisfied - Angelica toasts the bride and groom. May you always provide and be satisfied. Angelica remembers the first night she saw Hamilton and had instant feelings for him. Angelica regrets losing Alexander to Eliza. Angelica married, in 1877, John Church, made wealthy by selling goods to the American and French armies during the Revolution. They had eight children.

12. The Story of Tonight - Hamilton’s pals celebrate on his wedding day in 1780. His friends believe they too can find love. Hamilton laments he does not have a command like Burr. Burr talks about his affair with a women married to a British officer.

13. Wait For It - Lt Colonel Burr continues a relationship with Theodosia Prevost, ten years older that Burr, wife of Jacques Prevost. with five children. Burr’s father was a Presbyterian preacher, but Burr believed life and death does not discriminate between the sinners and the saints. Burr’s unit suffered greatly from British artillery at the Battle of Monmouth in 1778. Burr resigns commission in 1779. Returns to law school. Marries Theodosia in 1782. Only one child survives to adulthood, Theodora. Burr had two illegitimate children with household servant. Burr recognizes Hamilton works hard and is exceeding much faster than himself, but believes his opportunity will come.

14. Stay Alive - As Washington’s chief-of-staff, Hamilton describes the despair the American army is experiencing due to lack of supplies. Washington realizes he has to fight with what he has and adopts guerrilla tactics. Hamilton pleads for a field command. General Charles Lee, receives a command ahead of Alexander. Lee fails at the Battle of Monmouth where soldiers died in battle as well as from heat stroke. Lee questions Washington’s leadership. Washington encourages John Laurens to fight on.

15. Ten Duel Commandments - Hamilton and Burr agree duels are dumb. Although Hamilton believes honorable men should be accountable for what they say. Charles Lee inability to command cost lives and Lee should be held accountable. Lee was court-martialed.

16. Meet Me Inside - General Lee duels with Lt. Colonel Laurens in 1778. Washington orders Hamilton to meet him alone. Washington admonishes Hamilton the infighting between Lee and Laurens. Hamilton resents Lee and General Thomas Conway’s criticism of Washington. Washington says, “forget it”. Hamilton pleads for field command and is rejected. Washington orders Hamilton to go home to be with a pregnant Eliza.

17. That Would Be Enough - Eliza expressive how happy she is to be married to Hamilton and that she is proud of his accomplishments. Their love transcends wealth and legacy.

18. Guns and Ships - Lafayette boasts about his fighting prowess and his ability to obtain guns and ships from France. French General Rochambeau commanded French troops fighting under Washington. Victory predicted at Yorktown. Hamilton is needed in the field to win.

19. History Has Its Eyes On You - Washington relents, tells Hamilton that he was younger than Alexander when he assumed his first command and his mistakes costs men their lives. Washington says, “you have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story, history will have its eyes on you”.

20. Yorktown - 1781 Lafayette and Hamilton confident of their abilities and of defeating the British. Lafayette tells of returning to France to help in a revolution, Hamilton says America will pay France back for the help they gave America. Hamilton talks of dying in battle with his friend Lafayette. Taking bullets out of their guns to avoid a stray shot signaling the enemy of their approach and using information supplied by Hercules Mulligan, an American spy, Americans attack. After a week’s fighting the Redcoats surrender.

21 What Comes Next - Reeling from defeat, King George doubts the new country will make it without him. Don’t come crawling back to me, I told you so.

22. Dear Theodasia - Burr sings to his daughter, Theodasia, and Hamilton sings to his son, Philip. Both promise to make the world better for them. Their fathers were not around for them but Burr and Hamilton promise to be there for their children.

23. Non-Stop - Hamilton returns to study law. He and Burr practice law separately. Hamilton and Burr defend accused murderer Levi Weeks, he is acquited. Burr recognizes Hamilton’s aggressiveness. Hamilton feels called to public service, advocated strong central government. Chosen as a delegate for Constitutional Convention, Hamilton eager to give input. Solicited Burr’s support in writing Federalist Papers. Burr wants to wait and see how the political winds blow. Angelica goes to England with her husband. James Madison and John Jay assist Hamilton in writing essays in support of the Constitution. Eighty five essays in six months, fifty one written by Hamilton. Washington asks Hamilton to be Secretary of Treasury. Eliza predicts Alexander will devote most of his time to the new country. Alexander recognizes it’s his time to shine.

                                                            ACT  TWO

24. What’d I Miss - 1789. Thomas Jefferson missed the fighting serving as ambassador to France. Jefferson helped Lafayette draft constitution for France. Washington asked Jefferson to be Secretary of State. James Madison solicits Jefferson in his fight for the soul of the Nation. Resents Hamilton’s desire for a strong central government consolidating state debt from Revolution, $75 million ($1.5 trillion today’s dollars).

25.Cabinet Battle #1 - Hamilton wants a national bank. Jefferson’s Virginia did not want to be responsible for New York’s debt. As Secretary of Treasury, consolidating state debt gave Hamilton too much power. Jefferson fearful of national whiskey tax. Hamilton fires back, assumption of debt would allow states new line of credit giving them an economic boost. Washington facilitates the two sides. Washington reminds Hamilton that he does not have the votes in congress to pass his plan and orders Hamilton to find a compromise.

26. Take A Break - Hamilton’s writes to Angelica, sees his life as a Scottish tragedy. Tells her his opposition thinks of him as Macbeth, a man consumed by ambition. He sees Madison, Hamilton’s rival, as Banquo; Jefferson, a political enemy, as Macduff, and congress as Birnam Wood on its way to Dunsinane to destroy Hamilton. Angelica criticizes Hamilton for incorrect use of comma as a way of saying Alexander is working too hard. Eliza and son Philip want more time with Hamilton. Too busy says Alexander. Angelica arrives for visit and encourages Hamilton to take a break.

27. Say No To This - Alone in NYC, Eliza spends summer up-state. Maria Reynolds, married, and Hamilton have an affair. Reynold’s husband, James, blackmails Hamilton. Maria says pay him and she will continue sleeping with Hamilton. Alexander pays.

28. The Room Where It Happens - 1790. General Mercer’s legacy is sealed by naming a street for him. Hamilton, wanting to be remembered, realizes he has to deal with Madison and Jefferson to get his debt plan approved. Burr meets Jefferson and Madison for dinner, Support for moving the capital from NYC to the banks of the Potomac River(a win for the Southerners) is traded for debt consolidation support(a win for Hamilton). Burr brags about being there to do the deal.

30. Schuyler Defeated - General Philip Schuyler loses NY senate seat to younger Aaron Burr. Burr has Wall Streets support. Hamilton takes issue with Burr for changing political parties and beating his father-in-law. Hamilton critical of Burr’s lack of conviction, Burr critical of Hamilton’s pride…”it goeth before the fall”.

31. Cabinet Battle #2 - Washington must decide whether or not to support France’s war against England. Jefferson recommended supporting France, shows contempt for Hamilton’s lack of social status. Hamilton says the head of France’s King Louis that America made its promise with has been decapitated, deal over, not sure who is in charge. Did you forget Lafayette and the money France lent us, Jefferson argues. Washington decides America will be neutral, Jefferson disappointed, blames rejection of support on Hamilton’s friendship with Washington.

32. Washington On Your Side - Jefferson blames Hamilton for the divisiveness among Washington’s cabinet. Resentful of Hamilton increasing the size of government and consolidating war debts. Southerners reject Hamilton’s Federalist views. Washington’s support for Hamilton upsets Jefferson.

33. One Last Time - Jefferson resigns as Secretary of State so he can run for President. Washington will not run against him. Washington asks Hamilton to write farewell speech. Washington discusses the things he wants to say: neutrality in world affairs, avoid partisan infighting, moving forward to create a better nation, good laws, free government.

34. I Know Him - Surprised that Washington is stepping down, King George does not believe America has anyone as good to replace him. John Adams will not be a good president and America will be split apart.

35. The Adams Administration - Hamilton is fired by John Adams. Alexander’s political career is predicted to end without Washington’s support. Hamilton created Coast Guard and New York Post. His enemies want to destroy Alexander reputation.

36. We Know - Burr, Jefferson & Madison confront Hamilton with check stub showing his payment to Maria Reynold’s husband, James. Accused of embezzling government funds, Hamilton confesses he paid with his own money to keep affair secret. Hamilton questions whether or not the three will keep his secret.

40. The Hurricane - Hamilton realizing his affair with Maria may cost him his legacy, reflects on how he has risen to his place in life, by writing: about emigrating and revolution, love letters to Eliza, the Constitution, national bank, he can write his way out of his affair too.

41. The Reynolds Pamphlet - Spells out his affair in detail in 1797. Who, what when and where! His detractors delight in knowing Hamilton will never be president. Angelica travels from London to support her sister. Sentiment is shown for Eliza, a caring, trusting wife.

42. Burn - Eliza remembers Angelica’s warning about the silver-tongue-devil. I fell for your line and I trusted you. I’ve reread your letters looking for a clue about your infidelities. Hamilton published Maria’s letters to him and in doing so destroyed Eliza’s love for him. Angelica believes Hamilton’s ambition got in his way of good sense and will destroy him. Eliza burns Hamilton’s letters to her and erases his memories from her mind.

43. Blow Us All Away - Hamilton’s son, Phillip, 19, graduate of Kings College seeks out George Eacker, a supporter of Aaron Burr, who made negative remarks about his father. Challenging Eacker to a duel, Phillip asked his father for dueling advice. Alexander recommends shooting in the air, says if Eacker a man of honor he will follow suit. He did not, kills Phillip.

44. It’s Quiet Uptown - Eliza and Alexander reconcile and move to uptown NYC, They morn the loss of Phillip. Hamilton walks the streets of NYC talking to himself. He tells Eliza he would gladly exchange his life for Phillip’s. Eliza forgives.

45. The Election of 1800 - Jefferson sizes up his opponent Burr, no one knows what Burr stands for and the North likes him. John Adams not expected to win. Jefferson is advised to seek Hamilton’s endorsement. Alexander and Burr are Federalists. Hamilton has never agreed with Jefferson, but Jefferson at least has beliefs, Burr has none. Alexander will vote for Jefferson. Jefferson wins in a landslide.

46. Your Obedient Servant - Burr cannot believe Hamilton supported Jefferson, vows it will be the last time Alexander interferes with his political life. Hamilton fires back that he is not the reason for Burr’s unpopularity. Will not apologize for things he has said about Burr. Burr challenges Alexander to a duel.

47. Best of Wives and Best of Women - Hamilton rises before dawn, Eliza encourages him to come back to bed. Alexander says he has to write a letter before he leaves for a meeting out of town.

48. The World Was Wide Enough - Rowing across the Hudson River, the entourage included Hamilton’s and Burr’s seconds, Van Ness and Pendleton, and a doctor. Burr vilifies Alexander for Burr’s lack of success. Near the same sight where his son died dueling, Hamilton admits he is not a good marksman. Burr will not throw away his shot. Hamilton thinks about his death and those he will see on the other side, Laurens, his son Phillip, his mother, Washington and one day Eliza. Burr realizes he is now history’s villain.

49. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story - Jefferson admits Hamilton’s genius in setting up financial system. Madison credits Hamilton for the country’s solvency. Eliza raises money for Washington Monument, speaks out against slavery, opens first private orphanage in NYC and spends the next fifty years telling Hamilton’s story.

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