Ali Nasr

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Ali Nasr (1891-1961) was an Iranian dramatist and playwright. He was born in Kashan. When he was a young man, he went to Tehran and started to study French language and literature. Then he went to Europe and studied theater. After coming back to Iran, he founded an intellectual group named “Iran comedy” in 1925. So many prominent Iranian figures came to this group and this group became a very important factor in progression of Iranian drama. Nasr was so diligent and he wrote so many plays in those times. He also founded Actors school in Tehran in 1939, The place in which a number of Iranian important dramatists and actors studied.[1]

Some of his plays

  • Norouz and Golnaz
  • Orphan
  • Three bashful sisters
  • The result of polygamy
  • Men are like this
  • Reconciliation of a husband and a wife
  • Faithful wife
  • Forced marriage


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