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Andrew 'Andy' Micklin is a fictitious United States Marine Corps Master Sergeant from the Black Sheep Squadron.[1] He was portrayed by actor Red West.[1][2][3] The TV show is loosely based on the book by Gregory "Pappy" Boyington. The show is a highly fictionalized account of the real VMF-214, a successful USMC fighter squadron in the second world war's Pacific theater.

Red West's portrayal of Sgt. Micklin was arguably one of the most believable parts of the show as West had been a Marine (as was the show's star Robert Conrad).

Micklin is a tough-as-nails maintenance line chief[3] who has the unenviable job of keeping the squadron's 20 Chance Vought F4U Corsair fighter planes operational, despite a constant shortage of parts and supplies. Micklin is ill-tempered, gruff, loud and occasionally violent. His commanding officer, Pappy Boyington (Conrad) tolerates this because Micklin is a master at his job and keeps the planes in good repair. It helps that Pappy is just as visceral as Micklin.

Micklin is hard-working and dedicated to the job. His father was a Marine and the Marine Corps is his family, even if he is an unruly son. He has been arrested and/or lost his rank several times for his behavior but has always used his skills to recover it. That may actually have plausible in the marine corps of the 1930s-40s. He hates officers and constantly refers to them as "college boys", but then, he hates just about everyone—at least, he acts like it most of the time. However, much of this is bluster, and it becomes obvious that he feels a kinship with the pilots and ground crews of the Black Sheep.

Micklin was once promoted to warrant officer but got busted for fighting. He was made a captain temporarily due to his background in procurement. The rank was reverted when a permanent replacement was found. He prefers the NCO ranks.

He is always chomping on a cigar and has about every vice sans one-he is not a womanizer. He served as a mud-Marine in China and has fought the Japanese in that capacity. Although a career support Marine (procurement, supply and maintenance) he has seen considerable ground combat in an infantry role. He prefers to work on aircraft as opposed to ground vehicles, stating in one episode, "I hates trucks". It was also stated in an episode that Micklin joined the Corp when he was 15. "15?" Boyington asked. "Yep. There was a Corporal there that had me pegged, i used to flatten 'im everyday, and tell him to keep his mouth shut..."