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Apple Feat is an ancient Irish sport involving throwing a stone the size of an apple for distance. Stone throwing was part of military training, but at the same time was treated as a competitive event. For practice sessions the Irish used apples in order to avoid injuring onlookers. Stones or apples were sometimes placed in a small hollow on the inside of a shield (so that they were at hand during combat) and called heroes' stones.

In some old Irish documents there are references to apple feats which read that after iron had been introduced (c.9th-8th century BC) some of the Irish rulers started using iron balls for their practice throws. During religious and ritual ceremonies some Celtic tribes threw the specially prepared brains of their foes to demonstrate the supremacy of one tribe over another. A brain was extracted from a smashed skull and then hardened in a special lime mixture. It was then used not only for apple feat but also in some other ball games.


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