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'''Artistic freedom''' is the extent of freedom of an artist to produce art to his/her own insight. The extent can deviate to customs in a certain school of art, directives of the assigner, etc.<ref name="Rosen2012">{{cite book|author=Charles Rosen|title=Freedom and the Arts: Essays on Music and Literature|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=R1SjAx7tY8IC|date=4 April 2012|publisher=Harvard University Press|isbn=978-0-674-06549-9}}</ref><ref name="Gover2018">{{cite book|author=K. E. Gover|title=Art and Authority: Moral Rights and Meaning in Contemporary Visual Art|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=FPhJDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA13|date=26 January 2018|publisher=OUP Oxford|isbn=978-0-19-108130-9|pages=13–}}</ref>
''Artistic freedom'' should not be confused to the ''freedom of art'' (e.g. ''[[:de:Kunstfreiheit|Kunstfreiheit]]'' in Germanic countries), where it is a constitutional provision to prevent political [[censorship]].<ref name="Barendt2010">{{cite book|author=Eric Barendt|title=Academic Freedom and the Law: A Comparative Study|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=SBLcBAAAQBAJ&pg=PA56|date=19 November 2010|publisher=Bloomsbury Publishing|isbn=978-1-84731-610-3|pages=56–}}</ref><ref name="Barendt2005">{{cite book|author=Eric Barendt|title=Freedom of Speech|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=jnRCAgAAQBAJ&pg=PR6-IA30|date=11 August 2005|publisher=OUP Oxford|isbn=978-0-19-102174-9|pages=6–}}</ref> [[Software patents]] are often seen as an example of one of these restrictions.
A related colloquial term is ''[[artistic license]]'', the distortion of fact, alteration of the conventions of grammar or language, or rewording of pre-existing text made by an artist for artistic effect.<ref name="Peacock1995">{{cite book|author=Henry W. Peacock|title=Art as Expression|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=aV0yOVrPG48C&pg=PA55|year=1995|publisher=Howells House|isbn=978-0-929590-14-1|pages=55–}}</ref>
==National approaches==
{{See also|Freedom of speech by country}}
===United States===
In the United States, the [[first amendment]] protects artistic expression.<ref>{{cite web|url=https://www.aclu.org/issues/free-speech/artistic-expression|title=Artistic Expression|publisher=}}</ref>
In Canada, the [[Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms]] protects artist expression.<ref>{{cite web|url=https://lop.parl.ca/About/Parliament/Education/ourcountryourparliament/html_booklet/canadian-charter-rights-and-freedoms-e.html|title=Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Our Country, Our Parliament|website=lop.parl.ca}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=https://humanrights.ca/blog/art-and-freedom-expression|title=Art and Freedom of Expression|first=Web Experience|last=Toolkit|website=humanrights.ca}}</ref>
=== United Kingdom ===
UK laws do not define grossly offensive expression.<ref>{{Cite web|url=https://www.indexoncensorship.org/2013/05/conference-report-taking-offensive-defending-artistic-freedom-expression-uk/|title=Taking the offensive – defending artistic freedom of expression in the UK - Index on Censorship Index on Censorship|last=Censorship|first=Index on|website=www.indexoncensorship.org|language=en-GB|access-date=2018-07-26}}</ref>
In 2012-2013, the [[United Nations]] carried out a comprehensive study on artistic freedom.{{Update inline|date=January 2014}} Based on a background report produced in June-July 2012, as well as an experts meeting and an open consultation in Geneva in December 2012, the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights Ms. [[Farida Shaheed]] submitted her final report to the UN Human Rights Council in June 2013.<ref>{{Cite web|url=https://digitallibrary.un.org/record/755488?ln=en|title=Report of the Special Rapporteur in the Field of Cultural Rights, Farida Shaheed : the right to freedom of artistic expression and creativity|last=Shaheed|first=Farida|date=14 March 2013|website=|archive-url=|archive-date=|dead-url=|access-date=}}</ref>
In 2017, the Danish free speech advocacy group Freemuse released their annual  report ''Art Under Threat'' about the state of artistic freedom in 2016 which showed a 119 percent increase in attacks and censorship  from 2015.<ref>{{Cite web|url=https://uscpublicdiplomacy.org/story/artistic-freedom-under-threat|title=Artistic Freedom Under Threat {{!}} USC Center on Public Diplomacy|website=uscpublicdiplomacy.org|language=en|access-date=2018-07-25}}</ref> The music industry was the main target of serious violations, and second to film in overall violations, including non-violent censorship.<ref>{{Cite news|url=https://www.iq-mag.net/2017/02/artistic-freedom-threat-2016-freemuse/|title=Artistic freedom under attack in 2016 {{!}} IQ Magazine|date=2017-02-08|work=IQ Magazine|access-date=2018-07-25|language=en-GB}}</ref> The most serious violations included the murder of Pakistani Qawwali singer [[Amjad Sabri]] and the killing of Burundi musician [[Pascal Treasury Nshimirimana]].<ref>{{Cite news|url=http://www.factmag.com/2017/03/19/art-under-threat/|title=Art Under Threat: The bleak reality of growing attacks on freedom of expression|date=2017-03-19|work=FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music.|access-date=2018-07-25|language=en-US}}</ref>
== References ==
==External links==
*[http://www.artsfreedom.org Website includes feature articles and reports on violations of artistic freedom]
*[http://www.artsfex.org A new global network of organisations defending artistic freedom which was created in October 2012]
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