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Artivatic is an artificial intelligence & machine learning company based in the BangaloreIndia. They are using the state of the art computational principles of the brain to build intelligent software & technologies that can think, lean and take decisions like a human.[1] The software & technologies are built on genomics, psychology & neuroscience based analogy to apply in the real life businesses to enable them to have connected intelligent data mapping, cross intelligence, prediction, personalized recommendation, 360 degree in-depth actionable insights and take automated business, processes, risks, financials, strategy, marketing & operations decisions in real time without any human intervention.[2]



The company was founded in Sep, 2016 [3] by Layak Singh and Puneet Tandon. Before founding Artivatic, Layak had founded multiple startups as dateIITians, COGXIO and Fullerene Solutions Services Private Limited. Layak has been serial entrepreneur during his university (He is alumni from IIT Kharagpur) time only. Puneet is alumni from NJIT and worked in Fortune 500 companies for more than 15 years and founded Real Estate startup, AuctionProperty earlier.


The company launched September 2016 with funding from the Founder's itself. The company was selected in European Accelerator Spark10 Accelerator in Feb 2017 [4] and received initial funding. The company then raised Angel round of funding from Singapore Angel Investor in April 2017.[5]

AI Brain & Automated Decision Making System

Artivatic is developing machine learning software based on life sciences principles as genomics, cross domain, psychology & neuroscience and on the computational principles of the human brain, known as Artivatic AI Brain Network (AIBN), it is an intelligent system that interprets actions, insights, interactions, processes, documents, videos, images, public data, device & IoT Data, activities and emotions in a manner similar to humans. The technology is powered by a balanced approach that takes all kinds of available data, mathematics, and biological , genomics plausibility into consideration.[6]


The company has built multiple sets of tools such as AVDataQuartz (Automated Data Streaming, Mapping & Insights), AVAcross(Cross sector value addition without availability of data), AVPrediction (Personalized recommendation and futuristic prediction), AVGenomics (360 Degree genomics based connected intelligence & personas), AVDecision (Automated decision making as like human brain), AVNLP (Data extraction & insights form images, texts, videos), AVVision (Object detection & image recognition), AVEmotion (Emotional sensing & interactions in real time) and few solutions built on the core technologies AVSilosol (AI Operating System), AVSaaS (Cloud Paltform) and AVDevSpace (Developers Platform).[7]

Artivatic has indicated that it is an human brain like intelligent system to take all decisions end to end in large industries like BFSI, Insurance, Capital Markets, Wealth Management, Fintech, Healthcare, Diagnosis, Pharma & Medical Devices.[8]


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