Baksho badol

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Template:India-tv-stub Baksho badol Tv Series is a Bengali Television Soap Opera That premiered on july 24,2017 And airs on Zee Bangla. It is produced by Surinder Films and stars Sairity Banerjee and Vinayak Trivedi in lead roles. Rajdeep Gupta And Rita Koiral in supporting roles. The show telecasts at Monday to Sunday at 7:00 pm.


It is the story of Balram Bandopadhyay - a modern day Shraban Kumar of Ramayana. His life's motto is to be the ideal son. Devoted to his parents, his gestures to never let them down are almost synonymous to his legendary counterpart. He is focused and tireless in his pursuit to keep his parents always happy. The family sets out regularly to travel on a pilgrimage.On one of their journeys, our protagonist Balram Bandopadhyay gets into an argument with a girl called Tip, a beautiful modern city-bred girl. As destiny would have it, Tip and Balaram's luggage gets switched coincidentally. On opening the luggage, Balram is astonished by the content of the suitcase. The suitcase was filled with expensive wedding saris, jewelry and other items affirming his believe that the owner of the luggage is a woman, rather a bride-to-be. He manages to trace the owner and decides to return the luggage.What started as a good deed ends up being a life changing journey for Balram Bandopadhyay. He meets Tip, the girl who he thought was snobby and spoilt, under a complete different scenario. He gets to see a completely different side to Tip. Amidst commotion and chaos they spend an unforgettable week together. Tip and Balram, two people from two different worlds fall madly in love with each other under unusual circumstances. A love story initiated by identical travel bags starts off a new phase of exchange .