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oooh, orphan BitConnect is a high-yield investment program, which is a type of ponzi scheme[1]. It is an open source Bitcoin and crypto community developed by an unknown programmer, or a group of programmers, using their own cryptocurrency BitConnect Coin for all BitConnect lending operations. The price of BitConnect was 0.17 USD in January 2017, and as of august 2017 it trades for more than $50 dollars,[2] increasing a 1800% value in the first 6 months.[3] BitConnect coin released as open source software in January 2017. BitConnectcoin is peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in a public distributed ledger called the blockchain using Proof of Work(PoW) and Proof of Stake(PoS) algorithms.[4] As transaction works without a central repository or single administrator, BitConnect Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. BitConnect has a market cap of over $300 million.[2][5] Besides being used in Lending operations, BitConnect Coin can be traded on internal BCC exchange with Bitcoin and other external crypto trading platforms like Livecoin and Coinexchange.[6]

Date of Introduction

of BitConnect platform

15th February 2016
Industry CryptoCurrency
Users Worldwide Community


BitConnect introduced a price volatility software aimed to reduce volatility of coins.[7] BitConnect members can lend out BitConnect Coin (BCC) to Bitconnect volatility software, where lenders earn daily interest on their lending. BCC can be acquired with Bitcoins. BitConnect is planning to open educational offices in some countries and hand over the web platform to the community.[7]


BitConnect is based on a PoW with PoS scrypt.[8][9] The coin generation will terminate once all 262,800 blocks are generated. After completion stake holders will have incentive with interest varying from 10 to 60%.

Quick facts

  • Maximum coin supply: 28 million [9]
  • Coin base maturity: 50 blocks
  • PoW blocks: 262,800
  • PoS coins: 20,4 million
  • Block spacing: 2 minutes
  • Minimum Stake age: 15 days
  • Maximum Stake Age: 90 days [4]


BitConnect has their own P2P exchange, to trade BCC. Web and desktop wallets, with iOS and Android apps, are completed with some features still in progress, like a mobile exchange or a web stalking wallet. BitConnect has community websites in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, India, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand.[10] BCC Mining Pool helps share hashing power between miners splitting equally the reward after solving a block.


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