Bondi Beach: New Years Eve '06

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Bondi Beach: New Years Eve '06 is a studio album by Fatboy Slim. It was recorded before he played at Bondi Beach, in Sydney, Australia. It contains tracks that he later went on to play in his live set at Bondi Beach. The title is often mistakenly written without the apostrophe in front of the "06". However, the album art indicates that the correct spelling contains the apostrophe.

The album is Fatboy Slim's first studio DJ set. Fala ai! and Dance Bitch were later studio DJ sets by Fatboy Slim.

Track listing

  1. Stephane Malca - "Revolution"
  2. Spankox - "To the Club" (Highpass Remix)
  3. Britalics - "I Can C Thru U" (Hughes & Spier Mix)
  4. Professional Losers - "Crazy Sexy Hypnotic" (Full Vocal Mix)
  5. Turbomen - "Would You Say Thank You If I Spank You?" (Original Mix)
  6. Solid Groove - "This Is Sick"
  7. The Young Punx - "Young and Beautiful" (Laurent Konrad Remix)
  8. Tomboy - "Samba!"
  9. Denis The Menace & Jerry Ropero - "Sabor" (Denis & Jerry's New Bangin 2005 Mix)
  10. Freeform Five - "No More Conversations" (Mylo Remix)
  11. Tomas Andersson - "Washing Up" (Tiga Remix)
  12. Trick & Kubic - "Orbital Dance Machine"
  13. Red - "Release the Pressure" (Fatboy Slim Remix)
  14. Scent - "Up & Down"
  15. Yer Man - "Satisfy Me" (Jacked Up Funk Mix)
  16. Friendly - "Bump & Grind"
  17. DJ Icey - "Acid Conga" (Madox Adventures in Drum Remix)
  18. DC/AB/RJ - "This Feelin" (Original Mix)
  19. Olav Basoski - "Waterman" (Original Mix)


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