Botana Curus

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Botana curus is an imaginary plant that was created by the New York State Education Department for educational purposes in public high school laboratories for students enrolled in the Living Environment Regents program.[1] According to the lab, Botana curus produces a substance called "Curol," which is supposed to help treat cancer. Botana curus is listed as an endangered species and cannot be produced in a laboratory. The purpose of this lab activity is to see if students can determine which of species X, Y, and Z can produce a substance similar to Curol by comparing each plant through looking in the microscope. Another lab activity is for students is to state the reasons why it might be important to preserve Botana curus and list human activities and how those activities could endanger Botana curus.[2]


  • During the lab, students are given a slide of a Botana curus "cell". The New York State Education Department collects samples randomly, so the species of the actual plant is unknown.
A Botana curus "cell" under a light microscope at 40x.