C. D. Baker (author)

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BLP sources Template:Third-party C. (Charles) David Baker (born August 27, 1951) writes historical fiction and books of Christian reflection. His first novel was published in 2000 as "A Journey of Souls, PrestonSpeed publications, a story of the tragic Children's Crusade of 1212. In 2004, David C. Cook Publications re-released this book as Crusade of Tears. As such, it became the first book of the "Journey of Souls Series" trilogy which includes Quest of Hope 2005, and Pilgrims of Promise, 2005. Baker's other works include The List, 2002 PrestonSpeed Publications...a story set in occupied Philadelphia during the American Revolution, and Swords of Heaven, 2007 PrestonSpeed Publications, which is the story behind the history of Magna Carta. His The Seduction of Eva Volk (2009 PrestonSpeed Publications) is a first-of-a-kind exploration of the Hitler Movement from the common German's point of view. In 2012 he independently released his novel, Becoming the Son; an Autobiography of Jesus, as an exploration into the Jesus who could have been. His classic novel, 'The Pursuit of Leviathan,' reveals the untold story of Christians taken into slavery by jihadi pirates in the 17th century. Baker has also written two non-fiction works of Christian reflections, 101 Cups of Water, (2008) and 40 Loaves,(2009), each published by Waterbrook/Random House. He has written one children's book, Seedlings, a book of virtues set in the lives of trees.

Most of Baker's fiction is available in Russian or Ukrainian from publishing house, Knigonosha, Ltd, Kiev, Ukraine. Eksmo Publishing, Moscow, Russia releasedBecoming the Son'. His '101 Cups of Water is also available in German from Francke Verlag, Marburg, Germany. He is represented by literary agency Alive Communications, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado, US.

Baker's specialty is the discovery of the untold story. To that end, he has conducted research throughout Continental Europe, Great Britain, Israel and the United States. Interviews include Manfred Rommel, son of the former German Fieldmarshal, respected author, Johann Voss, and Israeli historian Nichols Emer. He holds a master's degree in theological studies from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. A former businessman, Baker writes full-time from his small farm in Pennsylvania where he raises livestock with a keen interest in organic methods and humane treatment. He is married and is the father of two sons.


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