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Template:Infobox Hollywood cartoon Cat's Paw is a 1959 Looney Tunes animated short, directed by Robert McKimson, written by Tedd Pierce and featuring Sylvester and Sylvester Jr.


Taken place on high, rocky cliffs, Junior helps his grumbling father up the mountain to go bird-stalking. Sylvester decides to hunt a small helpless bird in the nest, not realizing that he is going to encounter a dangerous dwarf eagle. He tosses a grappling hook and rope and climbs to the top of the nest. He picks up the eagle, but the bird lets out a high-pitched voice and Sylvester loses his balance and falls to the ground. He tries again, but the bird gives the cat the "buzz" and tosses him out of the nest. Sylvester tries to tell Junior that it is "as ferocious as a covey of wildcats", but Junior doesn't exactly believe him and reminds his father that the cat must go get his bird. So, Sylvester tries climbing again, but is "buzzed" and tossed out of the nest again. He tries to negotiate Junior about catching something else, but the tactic boomeranged on him; this, however, brings on the idea of using a boomerang on the bird. He throws the weapon and catches its target. As it returns, the bird "got him". Sylvester tries to drop a big boulder on the eagle, but its nest rebounds the boulder and (with the classic umbrella) lands on him. After the mishap, Sylvester changes his mind and goes after a butterfly, but it grabs Sylvester and slams him to the ground repeatedly. Ashamed, Junior put a paper sack over his head and humiliatingly walks away, showing "THE END" on the back.

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