Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching, & Service

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Template:Infobox organization Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching, & Service (CSJ) at the Jesuit Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., has since 2001 initiated and facilitated programs,[1] course elements, research, and immersion experiences that assist students to integrate into their education Georgetown's founding mission of education in service for justice and the common good.[2][3]

CSJ programs

Programs undertaken by CSJ can be categorized under the following issues: community-based learning and research, education, health issues, homelessness, humanitarian assistance, immigration, labor, LGBTQ issues, peacebuilding, poverty, postgraduate service, social entrepreneurship, and social justice leadership.[4] It has a fleet of 21 vans to get students to their worksites.[5]

Alongside 50 student organizations and several staff-run programs that incorporate its objectives, CSJ runs the following programs of its own.[6] Those labeled "FWS" offer participants financial assistance for their own education through the Federal Work-Study Program.

  • UNXD 130: An additional credit hour can be added to select courses by enrolling for a component that adds 40 hours of research, advocacy, policy analysis, or direct service to supplement the content of the course in fulfilment of the objectives of the CSJ, for up to 3 credit hours over a three-year period.[7]
  • After School Kids involves about 60 Georgetown students each semester with tutoring/mentoring District youth who have run afoul of the law.
  • Alternative Breaks Program sponsors social justice learning and action programs across the United States during school breaks, with the intention of fostering long-term commitments.
  • Center-wide events in cooperation with partners on and off campus include Fall Fest, Spring Fling, Social Justice Week, Education Week, CSJ Celebration, and Social Justice Send-Off.
  • Georgetown DC Reads (FWS) places students for weekly tutoring of 1st to 3rd graders who are behind in their reading skills. Over 200 Georgetown students participate each semester.
  • DC Schools Project (FWS) is the same as the previous program but addresses the English language skills of students from low-income, immigrant families, engaging over 150 GU students weekly.
  • First-Year Orientation to Community Involvement gives incoming freshmen an opportunity before freshmen orientation to learn of social justice issues in the D.C. area, through an intensive insertion experience.
  • Homelessness Outreach (FWS) includes a variety of programs through the Georgetown Ministry Center. A Hypothermia Outreach Team from GU provides necessary supplies to street people in times of extreme weather.
  • Curriculum and pedagogy programs receive help from CSJ to include social justice issues, speakers, and components in their classwork, including its community-based learning pedagogy.
  • STEM Afterschool involves about 10 Georgetown tutors in upgrading 3rd grade students' background in STEM (science and math) topics.
  • CSJ Advisory Board for Student Organizations assists over 50 student organizations that are involved in social justice issues.
  • The Summer College Access Mentorship Program (FWS) has Georgetown students assist at summer programs in partnership with the Latin American Youth Center.
  • Summer Institute for Teaching and Learning (FWS) involves three weeks of training and five weeks of teaching in service to variously-sponsored summer schools in the D.C. area.[8]

Faculty and alumni involvement

CSJ recruits faculty as speakers, trainers, and mentors for its programs, and to enhance the social justice component in their courses and research, including providing inner-city bus tours for their classes. It also connects faculty with non-profits in their areas of interest, and with postgraduates looking for service opportunities through Georgetown's Service Work Advisory Group. Alumni are also encouraged to share their expertise as a part of CSJ programs.

The following are additional ways in which CSJ recruits faculty to assist in its program.

  • Faculty fellows are funded to lend assistance to CSJ in various ways appropriate to their expertise.
  • Broader Impact for Grants initiative allows faculty to share their research with teachers and students throughout the city.
  • Community-Based Learning helps faculty to integrate this component into 40 undergraduate courses, to assist students or organizations in their work with disadvantaged persons or groups.
  • Georgetown Assistance Program recruits faculty, staff, and alumni to cover for students in their volunteer projects during Spring break.[9]
  • MLK Day involves alumni along with faculty and students in various one-day service projects.[10]


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