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Coby Browser, is a web browser that you can browse the web faster than other browsers. It has theme that let's you customize the browser page with 2 themes: Dark and Light. There are many preferences that you can make it yours on the settings page. Visit the about page to know more and getting support. You can learn what's new right from the app by visiting the What's New page.

Creation Story

Coby Browser, was first created by Arda Çebi, a student while learning some new programming at class. But he already knew every subject that the teacher was teaching. His friends were learning these codes new but Arda was busy designing Coby's UI. After the Coby UI was finished, it was time for coding. The coding process took a year to finish properly(started late-2015 finished late-2016). But finally the application was launched with the version code "v2.0 The Major Update". The previous update "v1.0" was a mess with only a WebView component and a searching bar. No settings page, no about page, no anything. Then with the v2.0 update these things were added. Now, more features are getting added to the app every day.

The name "Coby" was found by nothing. It came to his mind and it was created: Coby Browser. After this name found, we noticed that this name was perfect for publishing the app and no copyright stuff were here.

Features: Little Peak inside the app

Coby Browser has a lot of features and easter eggs when you launch it. You will immediately notice every feature because it is on this page, every feature.


Customization is the biggest thing focused inside the application itself. You can change the theme for the main page for a darker room or a lighter room. This helps you to use the app without hurting your eyes with the bright light in a dark room. You can enable the status bar, the bar at the top that gives information about the current device status. If you are looking to a big image or reading a long article, you can disable the status bar.

Other Settings

Enable the "Ignore SSL Errors" setting so you will never get warning like "This page is not secured with an SSL Certificate. Some websites are not protected with a SSL Certificate, so you will get that warning every time if you don't enable this feature. You can change the default browser for the application that changes the home button inside the app. Every time you launch Coby Browser, the app will remember which search engine you like the most and customize the home button with that search engine. You can choose Google, Yahoo, Bing or Yandex. Google is recommended because the main page only includes a search bar that causes the page to load very fast if we compare with other ones.

No History

Coby Browser doesn't save your browsing history. This means you don't need to clear every time you visit a website. Later, with a new feature called "Coby Account" you can save or disable saving your history. This is disabled automatically. But you can enable if you want.

No ads, no commercial stuff

Coby Browser doesn't include "Any" ads inside the app. This means you don't need to buy any additional packs to remove ads or other stuff. Every feature is included by default when you download the free version.