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Comintelli is a supplier of Information Access Software, providing solutions for Knowledge Management (KM) and Competitive Intelligence (CI). The company develops, markets and sells the search-based application Knowledge XChanger™ that automates:

  • Aggregation of content from multiple sources (both internal and external)
  • Classification of content using topic maps (Taxonomies)
  • Analysis of trends and patterns
  • Search for full-text documents
  • Delivery of content in various formats to authorized users[1]

Knowledge XChanger™ supports the sharing of information between different business units and groups, and with features such as the 'expert finder', the platform enables individuals to both show their own expertise and to search for experts in other areas by breaking traditional hierarchical information paths.[2]

Awards & Recognition

KMWorld Trend-Setting products for 2013, Winner [3]

KMWorld 2013, 1 of the 100 companies that matter in KM, Winner[4]

KMWorld Promise Award 2012, Finalist [5]

KMWorld Promise Award 2011, Finalist [6]

KMWorld Promise Award 2010, Finalist [7]

Basex Excellence Award 2010, Winner[8]

KMWorld Promise Award 2009, Finalist [9]


Reference customers include TetraPak, AkzoNobel, ICA, Covidien and UPM Kymmene.


Comintelli was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with global representation through a partner network. The founders of Comintelli were initially in the Competitive/Market Intelligence function at Ericsson, but eventually spun off from the group at Ericsson and founded Comintelli.[10]


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