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The seat setting interface of conference software by GONSIN

Conference software is the software operating in the computer in conference control room. It is mainly applied in the various conferences including political conference, parliament conference, congress. It bases on network modular system to build a large-sized conference center, it also can manage the devices in the conference hall. It can create the conference material and control multiple equipments.

The technology platform of conference software

An MySQL database is configured locally as data storage and connected to the conference server during running to implement real-time interaction between the management software and server. Configure conference information via the management software and upload the information to the server to enable offline operation. Conference process is controlled via the conference microphone or terminal.

The applications of conference software

V7.0 Conference Software Created by GONSIN

Normally, it could provide serval functions as below.

1. Setting the server in the conference hall.

2. Device management including the conference discussion unit, camera, ligt, sound amplier and etc.

3. Setting the seat before the conferenc, showing the name and tital with the LCD and other equipment.

4. Card writing, write and rewrite the IC Card for registration.

5. Confernce information management, such as creating conference name, conference agenda, conference topic and sub-topic.

6. Screen customization.

7. Account management, the conference operator could choose who can speak, who can not speak.



  1. The PC running the software is connected to the system and therefore has direct links with contribution and control equipment via the double-shielded cable.