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A six pack of Corona, a beer sometimes drank at Coronavirus parties[1]

A coronavirus party (Template:Lang) is a gathering, ostensibly to catch COVID-19, but sometimes just held on the basis that the participants are not worried about the consequences either personally or to the community. The phenomenon has been noted in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.[2] Such gatherings are explicitly mentioned (and banned) in the Netherlands model safety orders for the pandemic.[3]


At least one participant at such a party in Kentucky has tested positive for the virus.[4]

Other events, such as coronavirus themed gatherings, have also been condemned as unwise.[1]

Belgian newspaper Het Laatste nieuws reported on March 15th, 2020, that many people celebrated the last evening before new rules took effect. A large number of 'Corona-parties' were organized last minute.[5]

On March 19th, 2020 the police informed that it has ended several Corona-parties in the German state Baden-Württemberg. The participants aged from 15 years to their mid twenties. Most of them understood their wrongdoing. The youngsters met on schoolyards, at barbeque sites and in parks. The police president asked parents to act upon their children.[6]

According to Austrian broadcaster ORF four men met on Saturday, March 21st, 2020, in a club house in Heiligenkreuz am Waasen. One of the men turned out to be a member of the state parliament of Styria, Gerhard Hirschmann (FPÖ). His and other parties condemned his behaviour; the politician stepped down.[7].


German newspaper FAZ commented that some people do not want to stop partying. Some party in spite of the danger of an infection. Others gather just because of this possibility. They believe that after an infection and getting sick they are immune and can go back to their normal lives. Privately organized, so called "Corona-Parties" are the realisation of this plan.[8]

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