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Cruz Avery
Born May 8th 2001
Residence Fukuoka Japan
Nationality South Korean, Japanese
Other names KuroMaru
Citizenship Japan
Education Fukuoka Higashi Highschool
Occupation Mangaka, Singer, Seiyuu, Actor
Years active 2014 - Present
Employer ANIPLEX
Known for Raon Lee
Notable work(s) Sugar Rate!!, Torikaesu
Home town Fukuoka Japan
Partner(s) Otani Tsukushi (Jan 2016 - Feb 2016)
Awards Tezuka Award

Cruz Avery (born May 8, 2001), also known by his Mangaka[1] name KuroMaru /ˈKooːRoeːMahːRooː/), is an Korean/Japanese Mangaka and Singer. He is known for many of his Web-Manga series, which have been read quite a lot (All 20 manga combined). As of October 2016, His Web-Manga has been inactive and have been removed off web comic site 'Comic Fury'

Approval from Cruz Avery

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Cruz is of South Korean descent. He was born in Fukuoka, Japan on May 8, 2001. He is former artist for Shounen Jump. He also wrote and designed many songs for Japanese Indie band Garnidelia.[2][3]


Cruz Avery has been called out by The Anime Man on one occasion for ripping off The Anime Mans style.[4][5]


Cruz started posting web-manga in mid-2014 while attending Higashi Fukuoka High School. His manga got popular very quickly, with his manga being variety of popular genres (sci-fi, Horror, Sport, etc.). His characters would occasionally make appearances in his other works.

On October 2014, Cruz had to chance to write his first proper Manga "Sugar Rate!!", However it was very unsuccessful as most of his readers were English speakers and couldn't speak Japanese, and after the October 28th of 2014 'sugar Rate!!' was discontinued. On December 12, 2014, Cruz removed all of his web comics off Comic Fury without warning or reasoning. Because of this, His readers thought either he got sick of drawing manga as he was running 20 manga at once or Cruz has died.

2 Years later (January 11, 2016) Cruz Avery made an unexpected come back by having his new Manga advertised in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine. The new manga was called "とり返す - Torikaesu" (Tor-ee-car-e-su). The advertisement even listed an Anime Adaptation for 2017 with the opening theme sung by Jpop indie band GARNiDELiA.[6]


The anime adaptation of Torikaesu has a few celebrities listed in the cast such as Anie Inoue and Kasumi

Notable Friends

Date Name
2014–Present Raon Lee
2014–Present Mai Mizuhashi
2014–Present Yoshinori Abe
2016–Present Anie Inoue
2016–Present Joe Inoue
2016–Present Nanae
2016–Present Per Federick Asley
2016–Present Amanda Lee
2016–Present Kasumi Arimura

Former Friends

Date Name
2014 - 2016 The Anime Man


For music he goes under the name "JapaCap" with even having a Vevo listing on YouTube.

Date Song Album Record Label
2017 桜 (Sakura) 大切 (Taisetsu) SME Records
2017 あなたとぼく (Anata To Boku) 大切 (Taisetsu)  SME Records
2017 名前を教えて (Namae Oshiete Kudasai)  大切 (Taisetsu) SME Records
2017 ありがとう (Arigatou) 大切 (Taisetsu) SME Records

How he got known

He was mentioned in tweets by the following

He is followed by the following [N/A]

He was followed by the following

Raon Lee is known for only following friends, But after Cruz blocked her on Twitter and Instagram as a joke for a video she has not followed him back ever since.

Voice Roles

Date Show Role Production
2014–Present ハイキュー (Haikyū) 影山 飛雄 (Tobio Kageyama) Studio IG
2017 とり返す (Torikaesu) 雅火カロス (Carlos Masahi) 秋田クロノ (Chrono AKita) ANIPLEX
2017 サポートなしのサクセス (Unsupported Success) エーベリクルウズ (Cruz Avery) ANIPLEX
2015 進撃の巨人 Humanity In Chains (Attack On Titan: Humanity In Chains) Narrator Spike Chunsoft
2016  モブサイコ100 (Mob Psycho 100) たろ (Taro) Studio Bones
Date Show Role Production
2017 Taking Back (Dub) Carlos Masahi, Chrono Akita ANIPLEX
2017 Mob Psycho 100 (Dub) Arataka Reigen, Taro Studio Bones


Date Movie Role Production
2018 Unsupported Success Live Action Cruz Avery Sony Pictures
2018 100 Flying Cranes Ryunosuke Ōta Sony Pictures

Other Skills

Other than his skills of drawing and acting, He can snowboard,[8] Cook and Speak 3 languages (Japanese, Korean and English)