Dog Eat Dog (2001 film)

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Original short description: "2001 film by Moody Shoaibi"

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Dog Eat Dog is a 2001 British sex comedy film, directed by Moody Shoaibi and written by Moody Shoaibi and Mark Tonderai.


Four friends, Rooster, CJ, Jess and Chang, dream of making it as DJs but first they need cash — lots of it, and fast. Their lack of funds is compounded by problems ranging from small (cheating girlfriends, mothers in sleazy movies) to large (the towering presence of Tunde, the local porn king). They come up with various schemes, each more harebrained than the last—stealing library books, breaking and entering, dognapping—all with a spectacular lack of success. And into the bargain, they've fallen foul of drugs baron, Jesus (Gary Kemp), whose slogan is "You've gotta have faith in Jesus".


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