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'''Dove Rose Windsor''' (born November 8 1999) is an American internet entrepreneur, and a wiki enthusiast, best known for founding Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
Uncyclopedia is a website that parodies Wikipedia. Its logo, a hollow "puzzle potato", parodies Wikipedia's globe puzzle logo, and it styles itself "the content-free encyclopedia", parodying Wikipedia's slogan of "the free encyclopedia". Founded in 2019 as an English-language wiki, the project spans over 75 languages as well as several subprojects parodying other wikis. The English version has approximately 30,000 pages of content, second only to the Portuguese.
'''Dove Rose Windsor''', more commonly known as '''I.M. Spooky''', (born 8 November 1999) is a [[British]] horror, thriller and crime writer.

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Dove Rose Windsor, more commonly known as I.M. Spooky, (born 8 November 1999) is a British horror, thriller and crime writer.