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Eli Nachmany
Alma mater New York University School of Professional Studies (BS)
Home town Closter, New Jersey, US
Political party Republican

Eli Nachmany is an American writer. Nachmany was a speechwriter for Secretary Ryan Zinke and was detailed to the Office of American Innovation where he worked on higher education reform. He is a student at Harvard Law School.

Career and education

Nachmany is a native of Closter, New Jersey.[1] While attending Demarest High School in New Jersey, Nachmany interned for Gerald Cardinale and Robert Auth.[2][3][4] He played football, participated in Future Business Leaders of America, and was a featured columnist for the Bleacher Report while in high school.[3] He later interned in different offices including the New Jersey U.S. District Court, congressman Scott Garrett, and Chris Christie's Office of Community and Constituent Relations.[2][3][5] Nachmany worked on the Chris Christie 2016 presidential campaign.[6]

In 2015, Nachmany published the book, Good Enough: The College Admissions Process Through the Eyes of a High School Senior.[4] He was the managing editor of the NYU Economics Review in 2015.[3] In 2016, Nachmany was the chair of the New York State Federation of College Republicans and New York University College Republicans,[2] resigning after accusations of corruption following attempts to blacklist the College Republicans at Cornell University for not endorsing Donald Trump, an act widely denounced by campus affiliates throughout New York, as Nachmany was on the Trump campaign payroll.[7] Nachmany graduated summa cum laude from New York University School of Professional Studies with a degree in Sports Management.[4][8] He played rugby while at NYU.[3] David A. Hollander was his faculty advisor.[6] Nachmany has deferred his start date at Harvard Law School to serve in the Trump Administration.[8]

Nachmany worked as an event coordinator on the Presidential Inaugural Committee, concentrating on the President's Swearing-In Ceremony. He was an advance press lead on the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign. In 2017, as a political appointee in the Trump administration, Nachmany joined the Department of Interior (DOI) Office of Communications as a writer.[8][9] He was a speechwriter for Ryan Zinke.[5] Template:As of, Nachmany was detailed to the Office of American Innovation where he worked on higher education reform.[10] In August 2019, Nachmany left his detail at the White House to begin studies at Harvard Law School.[1]

Awards and honors

Nachmany is a Red Alert Politics 2017 “30 Under 30” award winner.[5] He was recognized in Newsmax's 2018 30 Most Influential Republicans Under 30.[9]


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