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Elias Ogbu Sunday, known by his stage name Ellyman, is a Nigerian musician.

Early life

Ogbu was born into the family of Sunday Ogbu Amuche, in 1981. He started his education at Our Lady of Fatima Primary School, then attending Bosso Secondary School. He studied peace and conflict resolution at the Noun. Ogbu affirmed that work was really tough and rough, but that it was necessary. He acknowledged that it was the grace of God that kept him going.

While growing up he worked hard to keep himself going and not to give up his passion. He took menial jobs such as pushing truck, a conductor, an Okada rider and street hawking. HE said, “This all made me to understand that a real gold must be tested by fire.”

Musical career

His musical career began in the Church. His mother was a choir mistress. In 1987 .The acoustic guitar is his favorite instrument. His first recording was done in Ghana for Twinkle Records, produced by Kiki. Ogu's first professional recording was produced by Sunny praise. He wanted to learn music production so as to help him with demos. He signed his first record deal with Imo Records February 2016.


Ellyman has through his musical career help a lot of people and put smile on their faces, on 27 December 2016, Ellyman and friend gave out bags of rice, vegetable oil and among other things to bless the people in Lagos state and he said “If God bless me more am going to bless more people” In the short while, he has made people believe the greatness in unity of Africa and this song was released to show how much believe he has in Nigerians and in Africans.

Personal life

Ellyman is married with kids and runs other businesses.


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