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Fishdom is a 2008 puzzle game developed by Playrix for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Nintendo DS and iOS.[1]


In Fishdom, the objective is to handle and grow a virtual aquarium. There are three things that can be purchased by using the in-game currency: beauty items that serve as decorations, comfort items which adjust the enjoyment of the fish, and fish species. The more items the players get to order, the higher the beauty, comfort and fish meters are. Filling all of them will unlock one of the three trophies: bronze, silver or gold. If the player runs out of money, it can only be replenished by solving match-3 puzzles in a separate mode.[2]

During the puzzles, the players have to make matches of three or more by pressing on the pieces next to each other in order to swap them around. The level is completed when every golden tile is matched over at least once. Some tiles are in silver, and they must be matched over twice to be cleared. A locked tile with by a chain across it can only be set free by pairing it with other available tiles. Some tiles are double-locked, requiring them to be matched twice. Bonus points are given when more than three identical pieces are formed.

When four or more tiles are matched at the same time, stronger power-ups will appear. To use a power-up, the players have to press it or swap with any other tile. Firecrackers can destroy everything within one tile, depth bombs knock out everything in a two tile range, and dynamite charges can clear out everything in a three tile range.


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Several sequels to the game have been released. Fishdom: Spooky Splash, a Halloween-themed version was released in October 2009.[3] Fishdom Frosty Splash, a Christmas themed installment, and Fishdom: Harvest Splash, a farm-themed installment.

A direct sequel, Fishdom 2, was released in May 2010.[4]


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