Gardaí strike of 2016

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Template:Outofdate The Gardai strike of 2016 is a series of industrial action by An Garda Síochána the national police force of the Republic of Ireland. The industrial action is taking place over the pay of the Gardai. Over 12,500 Gardai rank and file members and 2,000 seargents will go on strike.[1] The demands by the Gardai are a pay restoration of 16.5%, access to negotiating future pay deals and that the Gardaí should have the right to strike.[2]


The Gardaí currently do not have the right to strike though its members have went on strike before through a method called "Blue Flu". This is a colloquial name for how the Gardai went on strike in 1998 over pay cuts. Many of its members call in sick with the flu. Each member must ring in sick as the law states that the gardaí cannot directly induce its members to strike.[3]

On 3 November 2016, after long talks the Garda Representative Association and the Association of Garda Seargents called of strike action after the Labour Court offered a recommendation to increase Garda pay.[4]