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Ghost Lake is a 2004 horror film starring Tatum Adair, Timothy Prindle, Gregory Lee Kenyon, Azure Sky Decker, Chuck Franklin, Damian Maffei, Dan Metcalf, Linda Brown and Raymond Suriani. The film was written and directed by Jay Woelfel and produced by Johnnie J. Young of Young Wolf Productions.

The film was shot in late 2003 on location in and around Rushford Lake, Scio and Wellsville in western New York.


Grieving over the death of her parents, Rebecca (Tatum Adair) escapes to her family cottage at Rushford Lake to seek solace in being by herself. But instead, she encounters a series of supernatural events that test her sanity and endanger the lives of everyone in the small town when ghosts from several drowning victims begin to rise from the depths of the murky lake to seek new victims.


Scott Weinberg of DVD Talk reviewed Ghost Lake, stating "Ghost Lake is well-shot and intermittently interesting horror potboiler that, ultimately, doesn't go much of anywhere ... and goes there slowly."[1]


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