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Founded 2002
Headquarters Newcastle upon Tyne
Number of Employees 20

Holiday Discount Centre is a UK holiday comparison website. Holiday Discount Center launched as a Travel Agency in 2002 and in 2012 joined the comparison market and became a holiday price comparison site, after launching a new website the previous year.[1]

New search tools were added in subsequent years including a Cruise comparison search, other search tools featured on the website include Ski, City break and Disneyland Paris holidays. In addition to online search tools, the award winning[2] Holiday Discount Centre publishes a weekly newsletter advertising unique travel deals which are supplied by travel companies who feature holiday offers on the website.


Holiday Discount Centre experienced early success in the Travel Industry with a call centre employing over 50 based in Newcastle upon Tyne, selling holidays to the public. In 2007 the business developed an online bookable website selling flights, hotels and holidays via a bookable website. In 2013 Holiday Discount Centre launched a price comparison site in Ireland.

People are actively wise in availing holiday discounts. They think they can save money in availing this discounts. But where these savings go? Actually they are spending more than they really expected. They are taking chances of the unregular offer. For example a 20% discount will leads to buying more of this and that. And the benefit goes to seller. On the seller's part, it is their marketing strategy to increase their sales. And it actually works especially to customers that give-in to impulsive buying.

Former Traveltek, Digital Trip and Golf Kings executive Frank Docherty became the centre's senior business development director in 2014.[3]


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