I Murdered Mommy

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I Murdered Mommy is a 2004 album by avant rock band The Residents. The album was to be the soundtrack to a proposed but abandoned CD-ROM multimedia project of the same title. It is hand-numbered, in an edition of 1000.[1] The titles listed below are not disclosed in the release. They were made mention of after its release by the Cryptic Corporation as having been included on a mastering sheet, so they are descriptive words to refer to the songs by, not necessarily "titles" per se.[2]

Track listing

  1. IMM Presentation
  2. Video Game
  3. Dream Wheel
  4. Google God
  5. Andy Atom
  6. Sea Monkey
  7. Search for Truth
  8. Breakdown
  9. The Shoebox
  10. The Game Ends


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