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Illuminati symbolism includes symbols which are often used in ancient and modern culture which are often regarded as being from the Illuminati, a secret brotherhood which still operates according to conspiracy theorists. The illuminati was an organization founded by Adam Weishaupt which wanted to overthrow the gouvernment in order to take over the world, but after it's final disappearance , when a few attempts to bring it back failed, there hasn't been any proof that the organization was revived. The Eye of Providence is thought to be the symbol of the Illuminati.[1]

The symbolism is called illuminati symbolism because authors like David Icke claim that the group still exists, operates in secret and uses these symbols. Symbolism which is used in modern and ancient culture and interpreted as originating from the Illuminati can be found among certain esoteric groups like the Rosicrucians and Freemasons too. According to David Icke [2] the Illuminati reverses the meaning of symbols, the lighted torch which represents liberty and freedom for example represents control over the population for the illuminati, according to David Icke. Symbolism from the Illuminati often get's connected to the Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove and the Trilateralists.[3] In illuminati symbolism people which use symbolism or are in any way related to the symbolism are often seen as people which do this in purpose in order to fullfill an objective of the illuminati. The symbolism in for example the videos of Jay-Z are described as hiding in plain sight.[4] Illuminati symbolism is often connected to Freemasonry by conspiracy theorists. Masonic organizations have never stated that the symbols used are from them, connections between freemasons and the illuminati are therefore interpretations by individuals.

Illuminati symbolism in music and music videos

Busta Rhymes has said: "I’ve always been intrigued by the concepts, ideas and the possible realities of secret societies, hierarchy governments and people that really pull the strings that you don’t see, ..... That’s been a lining in all of my albums, that’s why they’re called The Coming, When Disaster Strikes, E.L.E., Anarchy, etc.".[5] Jay-Z has reacted to increasing rumors in the Angie Martinez Hot 97 show of January 12, in which it was claimed that he would have a high rank in the Illuminati, Jay-Z has stated that he has no connections to the Illuminati. According to conspiracy theorists videos like Run this Town, "On the Next One" and Empire State of Mind contain masonic imagery. According to Jay-Z, the imagery in the On To The Next One was used to make the video darker.[6] 2Pac has created the album The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, Pusha T raps about the illuminati in his song Doesn't matter, Pharoahe Monch in his song Haile Selassie karate also refers to the illuminati.[7] MTV has described pros and cons of illuminati influence in the VMA awards in a satirical article.[8]

Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" video contains Illuminati references according to the Wire. The song was also performed at the Grammys. Alex Jones from Infowars said about the performance: "it was essentially an Illuminati-themed occult ritual." Some illuminati references are that The Music Video is set in Egypt, the use of the All Seeing Eye in Katy's hair, the fan in the form of the All Seeing Eye, pyramids, obelisks, snakes. Most of these symbols are however also common symbols in ancient Egypt.[9]

Use of symbolism in cartoons

File:Screenshot from Gravity Falls.jpg
The carpet which depicts a pyramid with the eye of horus can be seen at the right bottom corner.

Symbolism which is interpreted as illuminati symbolism has been used in several cartoons.[10] The cartoon Gravity Falls, about a boy discovering a book about occultism also has a scene with a shop which contains a carpet which has a pyramid with the Eye of Horus depicted on it. Alex Hirsch has also included a character looking like the triangle at the one dillar Bill, called Bill in the show. According to Hirsch the character is popular and there are even people getting tattoos with the character. The character is based on the Eye of Providence.[11]


Symbolism of the rapper Lecrae in his video "Confessions" has been interpreted as illuminati symbolism, he has stated however that the meaning of these symbols isn't sinister at all: “There are symbols all throughout the video. There’s a wolf, which symbolizes the predatory nature of us (humans), we just want and want and want and hunger,” Lecrae explains, adding, “There’s color schemes where one young lady is wearing green to show the pursuit of wealth and there’s a deer head in there because it’s a wealthy party because if you go to any wealthy person’s house, they’re showing off their accomplishments.” [12]

According to Phil Molé from Skeptic, the belief in conspiracies, including the belief in symbolism from the illuminati, is often used as a way to comfort oneself for terrible events, in his article "9/11 conspiracy theories: The 9/11 Truth Movement in Perspective" he says: “Chaotic, threatening events are difficult to comprehend, and the steps we might take to protect ourselves are unclear. With conspiracy theory that focuses on a single human cause, the terrible randomness of life assumes an understandable order.[13]


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