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James Patrick Holding (born 1968) is a Christian apologist best known for Tekton Education and Apologetics Ministry, a website cataloguing Holding's articles addressing current apologetical issues.[1] In addition to his website, Holding has self-published a number of related books such as The Impossible Faith (2007), Shattering the Christ Myth (2008), and Trusting the New Testament (2009). Holding's work has appeared in connection with various other apologetics ministries as well,[2] and has occasioned rebuttals from such prominent atheists as G. A. Wells and Richard Carrier.[3]

Name changes

Holding was given the name "James Patrick Holding" at birth. When he was an infant, his name was legally changed[4] to "Robert Turkel".[no citations needed here] Holding used his birth name as a pseudonym online, before formally changing his name to his birth name in July 2007.[5]


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