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The Kirar is also known as Kirad or Kirat. The Kirar is a clan of Hindu Suryavanshi Rajput found in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh in India. The Kirars are migrated from Kiradkot including as (Kiradu temples) to different parts of India.

The Kirars who reside near irrigated land depend fully on agriculture while the Kirars living in dry area take to petty business and other jobs for earning. They were traditionally hunters. Now they have abandoned this occupation. The primary occupation is agriculture and animal husbandry.[1]

The Kirar have three major division, the Dhakad Kirar, Karod Kirar and Dharod Kirar. These divisions are regional. The Nagar Dhakad group is concentrated in the districts of Kota, Bundi and Bharatpur. All these divisions are divided into a number of exogamous clans. Some of their major Gothra surnames include Khojar, Aklodiya, Parsiya, Chachiya, Kirar, Rathore, Kush, Puru, Chauhan, Choudhary, Sengar, Suryavanshi, Patel and Mehta.[no citations needed here]

The Dhakad (also known as Dhakar or Dhaker) are a community of Suryavanshi Rajputs. The Dhakad claim to be descended from the mythological Suryavanshi dynasty and are mainly found in north-west Madhya Pradesh and south-east Rajasthan, as well as some parts of western Uttar Pradesh.[citation needed] There are three major branches of Dhakad's, namely: Kirar, Nagar and Malav.[no citations needed here]

The Dhakad in Rajasthan are said to be descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan. After the victory of Muhammad of Ghor over Chauhan, they moved to Rajasthan from the Ajmer.

After migrated to Indian State of Maharashtra, they have Mainly in cultivating the farms. Though they are meagrely spread up in all over Maharashtra, Majority of this clan are more concentrate on Eastern Region and have effective holding in cities such as Nagpur, Amravati and Pune. Some of known Gothra surnames includes Barbate (also known as Barpetiya in MP), Lohare, Gade, Zararia, Harode, Mahadule, Kathoke, Khandait etc. Over the period of time they have developed their own dialect called as "Kiradi", which is mix of Brajbhasha and Khadi Hindi.[no citations needed here]

According to Robert Vane Russell, an administrator of the British Raj. Russell also noted that the Maheshri Banias, who considered themselves to be Dhakad, believed that the name originated from Dhakadgarh, being the place from which they had migrated.

In the former Bastar state, Russell observes that the Dhakad population, consisting of around 5500 people in 1911.

The Dhakad's are practitioners of a traditional dance form, known as Bhavai.

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