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Micronational currency systems describe the self-declared official currencies of micronations. These currencies are usually created to legitimize the nation and few such currencies are recognized outside these micronations. However, some are prized by collectors, being minted in precious metals or in limited numbers.

List of currencies

Micronation Currency Symbol Value Type Template:Abbr
Template:Flagicon image Aerica Solari and Mu ƺ / ᶆ Pegged to the value of hydrogen Coins and banknotes [1]
Asgardia Solar and Lunar (proposed) Cryptocurrency [2]
Template:Flag Imperial Solidus IS Pegged to the United States dollar Coins and banknotes Template:Sfn
Grand Duchy of Avram Avram (banknotes), Ducals (coins) Coins and banknotes [3][4]
Template:Flagicon image British West Florida Pound £ Coins [5]
Template:Flagicon image Celestia Gold Celeston, Silver Joule, Brass Erg Coins [6]
Template:Flagicon image Christiania Løn 1 Løn = 50 Danish kroner Coins Template:Sfn
Template:Flag Conch Dollar Coins Template:Sfn
Template:Flag Leo d'or Coins Template:Sfn
Template:Flag Fiorito 1 Fiorito = €0.50 Banknotes [7]
Template:Flag Flandri Banknotes [8][9][10]
Template:Flag Freedonian dollar Coins [11]
Global Country of World Peace Raam 1 Raam = US$10 or €10 Banknotes [12]
Hajdučka Republika Mijata Tomića Kubura Banknotes [13]
Template:Flagicon image Hutt River PHR Dollar $ 1 PHR Dollar = 1 Australian dollar Coins and banknotes [14]
Jason Islands Pound Pounds and Pence Banknotes and stamps [15]
Template:Flagicon image Ladonia Örtug 1 Örtug = about €1 Banknotes [16][17]
Lagoan Isles EdneyDollar €D Banknotes [no citations needed here]
Template:Flag Liberland Merit Cryptocurrency [18]
Template:Flagicon image Kingdom of Lovely Interdependent Occupational Unit IOU [19]
Lundy Puffin 1 Puffin = 1 British penny (pre-decimal) Coins [20]
Template:Flagicon image Republic of Minerva Minerva dollar Coins [21]
Template:Flag Valora VL 1 VL equals 1/3 tube of Pillsbury cookie dough Coins and banknotes [22]
North Dumpling Island Dumpling 1 Dumpling = US$0.001 Banknotes [23]
Template:Flagicon image Nova Roma Sestertius HS 1 HS = US$0.50 Coins [24]
Template:Flagicon image Other World Kingdom DOM Pegged to the United States dollar Banknotes [no citations needed here]
Template:Flagicon image Outer Baldonia Tunar Coins Template:Sfn
Template:Flagicon image Parva Domus Parva Domus Peso Coins Template:Sfn
Template:Flagicon image Principality of Pontinha Bitcoin Ƀ Cryptocurrency [25]
Template:Flagicon image Poyais Poyais dollar Banknotes Template:Sfn
Template:Flagicon image Romanov Empire Bitcoin Ƀ Cryptocurrency [26]
Template:Flag Saugeais Sol Banknotes [no citations needed here]
Template:Flag Sealand Dollar SX$ Pegged to the United States dollar Coins [27]
Template:Flag Seborga luigino 1 Luigino = US$6 Coins [28]
Template:Flagicon image Talossa Talossan Louis 1 Louis = US$1.50 Coins [29]
Template:Flagicon image Tavolara Tavolara Lira Coins [30]
Template:Flagicon image Vikesland Vikeslandic Crown Coins [31]
Republic of Užupis EuroUžas (simply Užas) Changes annually Banknotes [no citations needed here]
Template:Flagicon image Veyshnoria Taler ŧ / TLR 1 TLR = 0.000007 BTC Coins / cryptocurrency [32][33][34]
Template:Flagicon image Westarctica Westarctica Dollar WA$ / WAD Coins / cryptocurrency [35]
Template:Flagicon image Wirtland International Currency Unit ICU Pegged to the price of gold Coins [36]


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