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Manan Shah
Born (1994-08-19) 19 August 1994 (age 27)
Vadodara, Gujarat,India
Residence Flag of India.svg India
Other names MananRockx
Ethnicity Indian
Alma mater Parul University
Occupation Author, Cyber Security Expert, and Serial Entrepreneur
Awards Limca book of Records,
Guinness World Record
Signature 150px

Manan Shah [1] is an an Indian author, speaker, cyber security expert, and serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed ethical hacker. [2]Manan has written books on cyber security, ethical hacking and web defence. His work mostly involves OS based tips and tricks, proxy websites and lifestyle. his a frequent technology write in the Indian media such as times, technology magazine and newspaper. He is the founder and CEO of Avalance, an information technology company involved with outsourcing & securing government and enterprise digital setups. He has been awarded the title of "Indian Firewall" by the Chairman of AICTE at the Vibrant Gujarat 2015 . also his the convener of BJP IT Cell Vadodara, [3]Gujarat and His also a part of General Elections [4]

He is a regular speaker on various verticals of Information Security and Entrepreneurship at International Forums like CeBIT India, CII, ASSOCHAM, DSCI, ISACA, TiE, TED (conference), Club Hack, Nullcon, BlackHAT, BITA, Vibrant Gujarat Summit, and VCCI. his focuses on the discovery of computer and network security vulnerabilities with a special focus on telecommunication and satellite systems. BBC News described him as a guy who "doesn't look like a Bond villain... but possesses secrets that some of them might kill for". [5] his also worked for government agency and corporates for they foolproof their system against by the terrorist and now working on securing digital india's smart city concept. his the founder of india's first social app Baroda Book [6]

Personal Life

Manan was born in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. After graduating high from school , he found himself living on the street without steady work. He later managed to teach himself computer security and programming, despite Hacking formal education in the field. Media often use him as an example of how people can become successful in the IT industry by relying on their empirical knowledge and acumen, even without holding university degrees.

Education and Research

Manan grew up in Vadodara and studied at Parul University, At the age of 12, his parents gifted him a computer and he says he started taking an interest in hacking after a year of playing video games when he read a newspaper article on the subject. He soon started a website where he wrote OS Based tweaks & Tricks, tips, tutorials, which acquired many readers and encouraged him to write a book. At the age of 16, his book on email hacking made him the youngest author to be published by Vikas Publication.

He was a part of Government of Gujarat's committee constituted in 2014 for preparation of vocational course for the new sector "Information Security" for directorate of forensic science (DFS), Gandhinagar under Gujarat Forensic Sciences University's body UGC. He was also a part of the core team that developed a smartphone privacy app [7] [8] eSecure & Meme Generator Dekh Bhai [9][10]


Manan is a first-generation entrepreneur who founded Avalance Global Solutions, an information technology company [11]that provides business services and consulting. after his first book came in the market, Manan became sought-after among the corporate clients in India as well as on the conference speaking circuit. He wrote more books on computer security, and spoke at several seminars across schools and colleges in India. In addition.


Awards and Recognitions

  • Firewall of Gujarat Award from the Gujarat Computer Society (2005)
  • Ambassador for Global Discovery School
  • Limca Book of Record Holder -
  • Guinness World Record - 2008
  • Young Indian Innovator 2013 award, Digit Magazine
  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional [13]
  • TATA's First DOT (People's Choice Award)
  • Founded & Reported Security Vulnerability in Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Facebook, Paypal, Twitter etc... [14]
  • 2014 Listed in India's Top 10 Hackers. [15][16]


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