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Maurizio Bragagni
Education JD in Law, EMBA
Alma mater University of Pisa
Cass Business School

Maurizio Bragagni is an Italian industrialist and active supporter of the Conservative Party (UK).[1] He is the chairman and CEO of the UK arm of Tratos Group.[2]

Bragagni is the vice president of Port Equipment Manufacturers Assocition (PEMA),[3] the non-executive director at siHealth and chairman of the board at Esharelife.[4] The Regional Growth fund gave him a grant of £3m to invest and strengthen Tratos Ltd and protect and potentially create further jobs in Merryside.[5][6]


In 1989, Bragagni joined Liceo Scientifico Piero Della Francesca Sansepolcro for a Diploma Liceale in Mathematics, Latin, Philosophy and History. After graduating, he joined the University of Pisa and obtained a doctorate in Law in 2000. Bragagni joined Tratos, his family's telecoms cable business after graduating from University of Pisa. Initially he worked on the factory floor helping in the manufacturing of cables.[1]


Bragagni was given the charge of exports at Tratos in early 2000. He moved to London to help in developing global opportunities for the business. As the export director of the company, he oversaw the expansion of the company around the world and helped in creating manufacturing facilities in many countries.[7][8]

In 2004, Bragagni became the production director of Tratos in UK. Tratos acquired North West Cables in 2008, and subsequently, it was incorporated into Tratos. Bragagni oversaw the acquisition and helped in developing North West Cables for incorporation in Tratos. In 2009, Bragagni became the chairman of the Tratos Technology, a publication focused on emerging technology in the cable industry.[9][10]

Bragagni was made the vice president of Tratos in January 2011 and served in the role until August 2012. Later April 2013, he was appointed as the managing director, where he served for three months.[11] In May 2013, Bragagni was appointed as the CEO of Tratos. In order to better lead the company, he joined the EMBA program at Cass Business School in 2014. As part of his responsibilities as the CEO of Tratos, he liaised with various branches of Tratos and oversaw the operations and functions at the Chinese and Australian arms of the company from 2014 to 2016. In 2014, Bragagni served as the CEO of Modular Wiring Systems, a subsidiary of Tratos for six months. He worked to help establish and better connection between the subsidiary and the parent company. In 2016, Bragagni graduated from Cass Business School.[12]

Bragagni became the vice president of Port Equipment Manufacturers Assocition (PEMA) in February 2017. He also serves as the non-executive director of siHealth.[13]

Political career

Bragagni is a donor to The Conservative Party in the UK and supported Zac Goldsmith as the Conservative Candidate for Mayor of London in the May 2016 elections. Bragagni is also one of 18 donors who supported the leadership campaign of Prime MInister Theresa May.[14][15]

Bragagni supported continuing British membership of the European Union and backed the Remain Campaign[16] in the 2016 membership Referendum.[17][18][19]


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